By William Markiewicz

The empire, initiated alas by Clinton, got used to non-adversaries like Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq. Now, the campaign to track and smash non-adversaries continues, but - with a difference. The targeted wasps have real stingers and are ready to use them before dying. What's going on -- are they kamikaze? No, they are not. Those nuclear mighty mice would never strike first precisely because they're not crazy. Nobody wants to be eliminated just for the satisfaction of inflicting some damage before dying. Individual people, not countries, are kamikaze. So, why are those challengers suddenly ready for annihilation? Because the "hundred year war" in which Iraq is involved is a losing war for Iraq while the empire suffers minimally and can take it for a long time. But nuclear wasps like North Korea and Iran could inflict some real damage on the empire before being destroyed themselves and the empire is not ready for real damage. Even as winners they will be considered losers with smoldering ruins and radiation they prefer to inflict on others but aren't ready to receive themselves. The comfortable elephant may realize that outside the china shop there is a pretty dangerous world with a few nasty wasps flying around. Will the valiant poker players stop the neo-Bonapartist's who want to play it safe?

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