By William Markiewicz

We live a mysterious existence that we don't even need to recognize as such. Daily life distracts us from the fact that on the basic material level we face mysteries just as we do on the philosophical level. Who, while driving a car, wonders what goes on at the "magic point zero" where the wheel on its axle turns and doesn't turn at the same time? Others, who bathe in mysteries professionally, like quantum mechanists, put physics on a human level by making the observer participate in the existence of the observed. If I participate by observing, I do it for myself. Looking at it this way, existence is a lonely journey. Why not consider an analogous probability that when we evoke God, we create God?

If God exists, objectively or not, it is none of our business. Only when in some extreme personal situation we evoke God, believing or not, we cause God to exist. Perhaps in such a moment we experience the personal Singularity Effect which the quantum theorists promise us at the end of times ... Whatever it is, our personal point of gravity will never be the same.

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