By William Markiewicz

He is too strong and too proud for that. He wants to save face and doesn't know how; he's groping. NeoBonapartism has failed until now and what divides America and Europe is that Europe effectively rejected colonialism while America is still in full stride toward it. Bush's phraseology that 'we are spreading freedom and peace' is nonsensical because colonialists have never had such intentions toward those they colonized. Bush blames Iraq's neighbours for fomenting trouble in Iraq when the only one guilty is the aggressor USA. By destroying Saddam Hussein, America shook countless wasps' nests that had been dormant for years, exchanging tyranny for other and worse tyrannies. Now the only way to achieve peace in Iraq is to let Iraq fall apart. The Shiites, the Sunnis, the Kurds, the secularists simply cannot live together. If forced to live together it will be accompanied by detonating bombs. Saddam Hussein remained so long in power precisely because he was a secularist, meaning he didn't let one religion dominate another. In the Middle East most wars are religious wars and Saddam Hussein stopped this current.

The real reason for invading Iraq was the drive for the Golden Fleece -- oil; a mistake, as colonialism was abandoned years ago with good reason. The old notion that you could conquer what isn't yours has been dying a slow but natural death ever since the Enlightenment. No one is strong enough to reverse history. Self-adoration, engendered by the feeling of power, has the same effect as alcohol - it creates wrong motivations and shrinks one's brain. Bush really went to Europe to save face but he can only continue his blah-blah-blah while maintaining old wars and spreading new ones. Europe won't go for it.

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