By William Markiewicz

In debate with my friend, a body builder and health theorist, he enumerated the factors necessary for good health, according great importance to regularity in food, drinking, exercise. He insisted that it works for him and for others. But even if true, it only confirms the body's tolerance for rigid practices, rather than the goodness of the method. Usually it's easier to lay out routines for people than to bother with each individual's varying needs. I rather favour irregularity and extremes than routine. For me, risk and hardship revitalise.

Another point of discord concerned addiction and withdrawal symptoms. For my friend it's mind over matter. I sustained that the brain has very little of its own energy, it's a recipient rather than a generator. Through senses the brain perceives the exterior world and through propioception is in touch with the inner body. Our body is a laboratory that produces everything and addictions to alcohol and other substances suppress this natural production in our body. Thus the withdrawal symptom arrives when the body and mind suffer, because the body hasn't yet had time to produce its natural amount of the substance it needs to function. For my friend, it's all a matter of discipline.

We also disagreed about the quality of what we consume. For him, pure water is the formula for health because it penetrates your cells more directly. Well, rain is practically the purest water, but at the moment it reaches the ground or waters it stops being pure; it mixes with everything around and as such is consumed by all living creatures. My conclusion: drink what you like and when you like, believe your intuition not theories.

Concerning quantity. For him you have to give a minimum amount of water for your cells; so and so much per day has to be consumed. But cells assembled in organs develop their own requirements, different from individual cells. For instance, if the organ is unable to handle the amount of water the body may need, some compromise always has to be found, and again intuition is the best guide. People lose their natural intuition either through addictions or through following theories. To find the way back to intuition may be the individual's main task on the way to health.

There are many examples of wrong habits we carry on for generations. For instance, showering after exercise or other efforts. Again, it's the simplistic theory that works: you're sweaty, you're dirty, you expulse toxins that have to be washed off. But showering is also a supplementary effort for the body, which would appreciate a rest instead! It's not only toxins that are showered off, but minerals -- let them go back to the body. The shower stimulates circulation, heart beating, strain on the whole body, which needs rest instead. All the children forced to shower after sports, all the sportsmen running to the shower after an exhausting game, lead to all the ailments, more or less serious, that may come later. We rule our lives with formulas without knowing all the issues.

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