(A Propos President Bush's State of the Union address)

By William Markiewicz

The domineering use security as an excuse for everything. The concept of total security is religious as religion promises total salvation. Nevertheless, in nature, the tendency toward totality is unhealthy. Whoever is dominant enough to create super-favorable conditions for himself engenders an unbalanced universe with genetically weakened species, including his own. A lonely predator without competition digs his own grave because the task is too easy.

In politics, when only one superpower remains in the world arena, the notion of politics is reduced to a notion of business which in turn is reduced to the notion of: 'I'm free to grab what I want in the name of security.' They choose friends and enemies arbitrarily, making the weak even weaker under the pretext of searching for WMDs, finally smashing their victim in the name of freedom and democracy. In Iraq they destroyed Saddam's dictatorship and without a second thought simultaneously destroyed Iraq's religious freedom and gender equality, because oil, not democracy or security, was the real name of the game. They weaken all notions of sovereignty in Asia and Africa by looking for imaginary WMDs. They fight terrorism and simultaneously engender it. They openly display their own right to use and abuse their own WMDs. No media to report it, only shy testimonies from archaic inhabitants about the unnamable happenings in their never-never lands.

How long will independent Iran last? It would last longer with more WMDs and less oil. North Korea makes a lot of noise and has little power and little wealth. The NWO, like God on His heights, will decide when enough is enough. The neocons have declared that China is ruled by decrepit old men. What business is it of theirs? They'll rejuvenate China by relieving it of rich Manchuria.

How about Russia ...? Too much territory, too much potential wealth without, perhaps, enough power to defend itself and, in the south, dangerous neighbours protected by the NWO. Europe already 'has to choose between Paris and Washington.'

I still give the benefit of hope that the situation may not be as bad as it looks.

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