By William Markiewicz

The OpEd page of today's New York Times features Max Boot's article, "A War for Oil? Not this Time", subtitled "The only profit to be made in Iraq is in U.S. security". The author uses numbers to show that the war for oil wont be profitable. In principle he is right; everybody in the oil business can be rich and happy just by buying and selling. The U.S. has enough money to pay for everything with no need for conquests in Iraq or anywhere. The author forgets that capitalism expresses itself not only in economy but also in psychology. Pride, greed and the drive for power are what trigger the war on Iraq. He invokes 'security.' What is our criteria for selecting which bloody dictator is or isn't a menace? The U.S. claims it will establish democracy in Iraq. Why in Iraq if the world's bloodiest dictatorships are among U.S. proteges in Latin America, the Middle East, Asia... Saddam Hussein is better than most of them because nobody denies that he's a skilled manager of his country -- before sanctions, the best economy in the Arab world, no illiteracy, women have freedom, no religious oppression. After victory in Iraq the NWO will change all of this. Postwar Iraq will be in the image of neighbouring countries. As for rebuilding, look at Afghanistan where rebuilding is selective, very very slow, and subject to political blackmail.

The small countries of Eastern Europe who have always belonged to some bloc and now, for megabucks, strongly support the war in Iraq, should remember that NWO promises but doesn't deliver. Dzindzic sold Milosevic and got peanuts. I don't remember which country allowed U.S. bases on its territory as take-off points for bombing Serbia and then complained that they didn't get the payment promised. The NWO is generous only when offering something belonging to somebody else. Turkey is supposed to get Iraqi northern territory rich in oil, populated by Kurds. Probably the U.S. will find a way to share ownership of oil with Turkey and 'public opinion' will never be informed about what happens to the Kurds.

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