By William Markiewicz

Can anybody explain how we got entangled in the ridiculous topic, 'how dangerous is Iraq', when we see clearly that North Korea has escaped up to now precisely because it is more dangerous than Iraq? Iraq, with or without weapons of mass destruction, is now one of the most vulnerable countries in the world. The only neighbour it could really harm is Kuwait -- and why would Iraq even threaten Kuwait? To get American megabombs on its back? For other neighbouring or distant countries Iraq is neither a potential nor factual threat; its days, even hours would be numbered at the least provocation. Why start anything if it's lost in advance? Iraq is either a paper tiger or, even if a real tiger, well caged and on display to the whole world. What country today can stay disarmed and who is authorised to judge whose weapons are defensive and whose offensive? Of course only those who are above anybody's judgment. The omnipotent take precautions, even exaggerated precautions, for their safety and will consume only the helpless. Iraq is probably helpless; if it's really so then it will share Carthage's fate.

P.S. Why, of all the European countries, did only Spain and Bulgaria back the US and Britain? Spain wants Gibraltar, and what can Bulgaria get? Megabucks?

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