By William Markiewicz

Since there are no longer two blocs, NATO has lost its reason to exist. It has become an American Foreign Legion whose goal is to accumulate American-NWO spoils of war. The difference between the French Foreign Legion and the American Foreign Legion is that while the French Legion drafts foreign individuals, the American Legion drafts foreign nations. The French Legion offers its members French citizenship and a new start in the adoptive country; The American Foreign Legion has nothing to offer its member nations except a fight in foreign lands for the boss's interests. The old German proverb says: "Don't use cannons on starlings." Now Nato has, as adversaries, two 'microbes' plus "international terrorism" resurrected from the dust by the NWO. Osama, or somebody who plays his role, wants to kill Saddam with American hands. Nato's present members don't know yet that they would live much better without Nato. They would no longer be part of politics based on the game of spoils of war.

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