By William Markiewicz

The Franco-German idea to submit Iraq to the Blue Helmets is a good will gesture to save Iraq, and not only Iraq, from the neocolonialists but it has little chance of acceptance. 1. The USA won't let the oil fields that it already feels in its grasp escape. 2. The countries where democracy is absent or shaky, the countries of soaring internal conflicts, will see it as a dangerous interventionist precedent. Indeed, however good the project's intentions, it would be a giant step toward abolishing the notion of sovereignty, especially for weaker countries like Iraq. The powerful ones can just dismiss it. The idea of sacrificing freedom for safety is perhaps in itself rotten but collective control is always better than one empire's control.

Europe, which rejected its colonial past and tries not to have a "world policy" that is colonialism under other name, must work hard to establish a common attitude toward American hegemonism. Curiously, England, which rejected colonialism a long time ago, now aggressively returns to colonialism as a faithful partner of its former North American colony. Probably Europe and the USA can live side by side but I don't see how Nato can survive. If for instance the US attacks Iraq, Iran, North Korea, China, and takes who knows which steps to fight "world terrorism," Europe cannot just be a follower. Could US-Europe relations degenerate into the open conflict? Or instead would Europe join in the US-Nato-NWO triumphant neocolonialist march? Will there be enough loot for everybody? Perhaps many years will be needed to know the answer.

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