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January - February 2003 edition

The Vagabond: attached to nothing, aware of everything

In this issue:

Open Bouquet

An Imaginary Speech -- In the Name Of All the Oppressed (2/26),
Devils or Poor Devils? (2/24), Politics of Vivisection (2/20), Their Distress is Also Ours (2/10),
Legitimate Defence (2/07), Safety Measures -- Proportional to Costs or to Danger? (2/04),
Vicious Volleyball (2/01), Why?... (1/31), Who Has the Right to Exist? (1/25)
Iraq Is Not the Issue (2/19)
Better Isolationism than Imperialism (2/16)
The European Union is Still Fragile (2/15)
A War for Oil? Yes This Time (2/13)
American Foreign Legion (2/12)
Who Wants Iraq for Free? (2/10)
The Last Recourse (2/08)
Political - Historical - Philosophical "Bouillabaisse" (2/06)
A Propos Powell's Speech (2/05)
Blow to Islam (1/24)
Canada Doesn't Need the UN (1/11)
Determinism, Time, etc. -- Exchanges between Leon Felkins and William Markiewicz (1/02)
Compendium to New Extracts of Existence (24) (1/03)
Communication Page:
Global Disarmament ..., Signs in the Sky ..., Free Will, etc. ...,
Danielle's Garden ..., Golem (Serbs and Jews) ..., Determinism, Time, Free Will ...,

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