By William Markiewicz

In an interview a few days ago, the former British ambassador to Iraq declared that Iraq needs its weapons because it faces two heavily armed aggressive neighbours: Turkey and Iran. It sounds quite far from the official NWO's stand that Iraq is a menace to the world. As the NWO is mainly interested in oil fields, it couldn't care less what happens to Iraq ("oil for us sand for Iraq" -- quoting one American right-winger). But cannibalizing Iraq between Turkey and Iran seems to be out of the question. Both are non-Arabic countries and Iran may be second or third on the NWO's blacklist after Iraq. Besides, the Kurds, who form the bulk of northern Iraq's population, will certainly not accept Turkish domination which would be worse for them than the Iraqi one. Anyway, who will consult them?

Therefore the US, after granting some parcel to Turkey, would like Jordan to take over the rest of Iraq. But small, scarcely populated Jordan cannot swallow the much bigger Iraq and it would be considered treason in the whole Arab world. The US will have no other choice than to rely on Quislings who will transform Iraq into such a prison that the Saddam regime will be remembered as a dream of freedom. Oppressive regimes cost a fortune but the Oil Company may consider it a good investment.

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