By William Markiewicz

While the collapse of Nato wouldn't be a bad thing at all because Nato now is nothing but an American Foreign Legion whose members are mercenaries for America's spoils of war, the collapse of the European Union would be a real planetary tragedy because it is the only antidote remaining against the dominance of the single planetary empire.

The danger for the European Union resides in the rosary of small Eastern European countries that don't have much experience of democracy and have a tradition of belonging to some bloc dominated by a foreign power.

The countries composed of unions like the U.S. and Canada, can exist and function well because their members have something essential in common - a form of government (democracy), a sense of solidarity, all this as a result of slowly maturing history. The rosary of small East European countries shares nothing of this with Europe. They were either subservient and/or mercenaries. They don't see the point of molding into an economically and politically united Europe - a too slow and unclear process for them. They prefer fast and direct reward from the superboss, whether European or not. That's why they so enthusiastically accept the American-N W O "Drang nach Osten."

Europe should watch that ideologically foreign elements don't disrupt the buildup toward the ultimate goal - The United States of Europe -- where each member will keep his identity while collaborating closely on all aspects of the common wealth.

A week or so ago on a CBC program, we heard a comment that while the majority of Canadians oppose war on Iraq, Canada must beware of angering Americans; after all, we have to live with them. Still Jean Chretien shows a gesture of independence and dignity, warning America not to provoke a shock of civilizations.

Europe should be able to offer some facility to Canada to help it be less dependent on America and, at the same time, keep the door locked as much as possible against those Europeans who are a foreign body to the rest of Europe; janissaries, as a matter of fact, for an empire.

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