By William Markiewicz

The Canadian Minister of Defence has declared that Canada will follow the US in invading Iraq with or without the UN's consent. This kind of statement with neither preliminary public debate nor justification is becoming more common everywhere. States become less and less "res-publicas" as the public, for the most part, has become an easy target for trumpeters of propaganda.

One Communist author who became a dissident described the Bolsheviks' victory over the Mensheviks. When he asked his comrades why they voted for Stalin they answered that as Stalin would win anyway, they did it for political opportunism. So, he said, all the principles of Communism shattered before his eyes. Today everybody, in the name of opportunism, shatters democracy.

France still resists, but Chirac warned his countrymen that France must be prepared (a big preparation! -- and he says it with a straight face) for war with Iraq. Obviously Bush and Blair work hard to convince France that there will be loot from this war. Germany still resists but probably will be persuaded that, since they initiated the Third Reich under Hitler, it's in their best interests to join the Fourth one even if they wont play a prominent role in it.

Unless there's a miracle, we will witness an irreversible "Drang Nach Osten." The war will bring more radiation; life on the planet will become harsher rather then better. It will hardly matter because people quickly get used to general decline, and, anyway, they'll have neither power nor willpower to oppose it.

Unless Iraq and North Korea have something up their sleeves, they'll quickly be smashed. Neocolonialism is different from past colonial drives in that previously the conqueror attacked a usually more primitive population. Neocolonialism attacks sophisticated, educated and technologically advanced societies, though Western style democracy may be missing. Many brutal repressive regimes are tolerated and supported by the NWO as long as it corresponds to the NWO's interests. To produce psychic eunuchs they will have to apply unprecedented reversal processes: liquidate the educational system, close schools and universities and replace them with "law and order" pseudo-educational institutions. Industry will be smashed or dispossessed, only elementary craftsmanship will be tolerated. The peasant will be back with plow and donkey. One generation without school and basic comforts would be enough to transform a civilized society into an "inferior" one. Rusting factories and trains, cities in ruins will mark the era of the NWO like the coming of a new Genghis Khan. The convulsions of dying societies will be well hidden from Western "public opinion."

Are the targeted countries, victims of their weakness and their riches, totally helpless? Perhaps not so if they keep stamina and spirit to organize some sound resistance. Here's how I see the resistance of the neo-colonial victim against the neocolonialist NWO:

1. Organize resistance cells to target the Quislings, meaning the new "ministries of education" "ministries of interior affairs" "ministries of law and order", appointed to eliminate whatever remains productive. Create illegal centres of self-education; Poland in its 200 years of loss of freedom had many such underground courses that saved the language and culture.

2. Regarding oil field exploitation, let the mosquitoes drink; after all that's what they came for. It will make them more nonchalant toward other resistance. And lets keep in mind that spirit and education are a nation's biggest treasure, more important than natural resources. Look at Switzerland, Japan, Israel...

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