By William Markiewicz

The Islamic countries have never been as nervous as they are now. Each one tries to guess who will be next after Iraq: Iran? Syria? Pakistan? Libya? The waiting list is long and all have the feeling that they can do nothing but wait their turn.

In the Darwinian universe the weaker can expect this kind of fate but the situation didn't have to evolve this way. Democracy is not good at building long range plots but can quickly exploit the momentum toward totally new policies. Let's enumerate the points that led to today's situation:

1. The Israeli "Taliban" killed Rabin, blocking the road to lasting and prosperous peace.

2. Arafat blocked negotiations with Barak, posing impossible conditions for Israel. I suspect that a man with his intelligence and experience knew what he was doing; I think that he was scared for his life -- this time there would be a Palestinian "Taliban" after Arafat's head. Everybody has the right to fear for his life except leaders like Arafat. His stand triggered calamities. He was the best-qualified negotiator with Israel and, ingloriously, he locked his door to History.

3. Saddam Hussein, like other dictators before him, is a skilled manager of his country and a disastrous politician. He, without allies, saw himself as a giant, a mighty mouse reflected in a magnifying mirror. He created his doom by attacking Iran then Kuwait. He didn't have the right perspective on the political world -- a chess table where he couldn't be more than a peon.

4. Other leaders lacking political vision initiated the kamikaze sacrifices, judging wrongly the effect they would have. They drew wrong conclusions from the past. There were situations when the terror worked but it's a new world, not for nothing called 'The New World Order.' It is a strange mixture of fascism and democracy, stronger than the components when separated. The mistakes of terror leaders are exploited to the maximum by the almighty NWO, free to obliterate entire villages, with nobody to send them to The Hague or to Guantanamo Bay. They openly covet war for oil, and search for stupid excuses to dig under mosques for imaginary exploding tubes.

5. Finally, the greatest enemy of the Islamic world is time. Blocked by their archaic ways, they've lost precious time for developing science, industry and a modern social order. As far as I see, only Saddam has created a sort of modern society but his megalomania stopped him, like other dictators before him. For his country the disaster may be deeper and last longer because the NWO's appetite and power are limitless. "Too much balls and not enough brain" led Saddam to the brink and the same affliction of the NWO may lead us all to break our planetary neck against some Cosmic Wall.

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