By William Markiewicz

Kudos to the crowds throughout the world, liberated for a change from the benevolent tyranny of PR agencies. Who could have expected such a spontaneous outburst of free thought? Now I would like to see one more mega-manifestation in the right direction: excuses to Serbs and Pashtuns because we've been accomplices in:

irreparably wounding their History
ruining and poisoning their land for generations to come
destroying their cities and villages, wiping out entire populations with bombs through non-collateral damages
chasing bravery from their souls

The great majority that listened to the barking PR agencies is responsible for what happened.

The present US economic blackmail of Germany shows how dangerous it is to be dependent on one superpower. The world becomes a potential playground for any tyrant or madman ruling the empire. The US population may support its government in confrontation with Europe and the rest of the world because, for the best and the worst, bullyism and aggressivity built the New World. Europe must avoid being sucked into some mass rampage throughout the world. If Europe can withstand the terrible pressure, the deceived US may turn to (temporary) isolationism from which it will emerge with a cooler head for the benefit of all. Powell maintains that the attack on Iraq is a matter of weeks away. Perhaps the world will be unable to save Iraq. The next essential goal will then be not to participate in the slaughter. The US, satiated and solitary, may finally calm down and Iraq will be remembered as the last scapegoat of our times.

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