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(As other short items may follow, I've decided to group them together.)

Sharon Woke the Dormant Devil (2/26)

The Palestinian people haven't had their own history; now they are forging it through martyrdom, written in the blood of its martyrs and their victims. Serial Kamikaze is extremely difficult to start, but once it appears it has a self-perpetuating momentum which may last forever, as long as there exists youth with their pathos, passions, nostalgias, nihilism, poetry -- the list is long. The cult of death mixed with passion for life, hate/love -- all those contradictions belong to the fermenting cocktail of youth, especially among the most dynamic. Goethe's "The Sorrows of Young Werther" provoked a mass of suicides when it was published. The cult of death will mark the destiny of the growing youth and it's to be feared that even after peace is concluded each Palestinian and pro-Palestinian generation will have its assortment of Kamikaze ready to die and spill Israeli blood.

A Soothing Insider (2/24)

Jean Chretien tries to soothe the differences between the USA and Europe, saying that the USA is on a good track in leading the world toward peace and the struggle against terrorism. He appears servile, but I still want to trust the man even if he has deceived me in his stand on the Balkan war. Chretien probably thinks that as nobody has enough power to openly oppose the USA, it's better to try to settle differences discretely, 'in the family.' An insider can be more successful in putting an ice pack on Bush's forehead; for instance recently Bush changed his anti-Geneva Convention stand when somebody enlightened him on how it could turn against the American military as well.

Berserker (Fred Saberhagen) (2/23)

President Bush declares the polar region open for oil exploration because there is no reason to worry about environment there.

After the Balkans, then Afghanistan, another territory is under fire. Bush, enjoy yourself, there is still so much left: Amazonia, the ocean floor, virgin lands, mountains, deserts... On Mars and other planets there may be no life to be destroyed.

Jules Verne was visionary when he wrote that if the earth were made of coal, humanity would burn the planet under its feet.

War for Profit Under Catchy Slogans (2/19)

In today's Globe and Mail, Stockwell Day (Canadian Alliance), says that Jean Chretien is wrong for not joining the U.S. anti-Iraq crusade. Jean Chretien is right because the war is not against terror but for one of the richest oil fields on the planet. North Korea is added to the 'evil axis' only as a diversion. Terror doesn't need any particular country for a nest. Internal conspiracies are sufficient; the planes that hit the WTC and the Pentagon didn't come from Iraq or North Korea. As for building an arsenal of weapons of mass destruction, the quail will never lay an ostrich egg. Nobody will risk total destruction of his whole country, his people, for the satisfaction of hitting Los Angeles or New York with a nuclear bomb. The terrorists, for money, can acquire all they want, and everywhere, including the U.S.A.

Terrorists? (2/11)

Bush recently declared that the Al Qaeda couldn't be considered army, but terrorists, because they had no uniforms and came from abroad. During the Spanish Civil War the International Brigades fought on the Republican side while a number of German Nazis fought for Franco. During the recent Balkan Wars, all sides had their share of foreign volunteers; nobody called any of them terrorists, and I don't know how much attention was paid to their uniform.

The nearest to terrorists are those pilots who from safe distances bombed soldiers and civilians. The infamous 'collateral damage' will remain an eternal shame in military annals.

A Solution? (2/04)

Yasser Arafat, in his recent OpEd article in the NYTimes, admits that accepting the return of a great number of refugees will create demographic problems for Israel. My solution may, as the Polish say, save the sheep and satiate the wolf:

As soon as the Israeli settlers quit the Palestinian territories the Palestinian refugees will be offered relocation there. By this token, the Palestinian entity will get rid of Israeli settlers, Israel will get rid of the demographical nightmare of mass return of refugees, and the refugees will get decent settlements all ready for them. It will also be in the best Israeli interests to participate in building more settlements inside Palestinian territory, this time for the legitimate Palestinian settlers.

Afghan Patchwork (2/02)
Interim leader Hamid Karzai presented himself in his encounter with Bush elegantly dressed in a combination of all the styles worn in Afghanistan. He was a living display of a unified multiethnic Afghanistan. It isn't easy to learn from history. What he represents, King Alexander of Yugoslavia wanted to achieve trying to amalgamate Serbs, Croats, Slovenes, etc. in one Yugoslav nation. It failed lamentably simply because you can't apply a recipe for national identity as for your grandmother's cake. Karzai either follows his own impossible dream or, more probably, like those in Bosnia, he is obliged to follow the orders of his NWO masters.

Bush and POWs (1/30)
Bush rejects POW status for Afghan prisoners.

Please correct me if any of these points are wrong:

Those who, as army, fight an enemy on the battlefield in war cannot be considered anything other than soldiers and have to be treated accordingly when captured.

Escape Forward (1/30)
Interim leader Hamid Karzai on his recent visit to Washington asked Bush for more U.S. troops in Afghanistan. He needs those troops like a hole in his head but perhaps he outsmarts Bush; the troops will come anyway so he may as well 'invite' them. Besides, more U.S. troops on the ground in Afghanistan means fewer bombs from American pilots.

There Is No War but War and Bush Is Its Prophet (1/24)
Bush declared in his recent speech to military reserve officers that absolute priority would be given to increasing the military budget. Of course this will continue for an unlimited period of time because even when the supreme goal of the NWO is achieved, meaning Russia and China reduced to ashes, there will still remain a goal of impeding the expansion of Koreans, Pashtuns, Iraqis, Cubans, Libyans, microbes ...

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