By William Markiewicz

They've lied before -- why do they need to legalize it now? Maybe to make it easier to manufacture the lies and less shameful once discovered. It's already known that the public, not so interested in far away matters, is not inclined to go digging there for the truth. But once the vision of what is truth blurs, people become prey to local lies as well.

The most effective way to fight Big Brother is to make the public aware of the danger of controlling the truth. Here's how the legalized far-away lies would affect their own lives:

1. Anybody unpleasant to the authorities may be accused of a "link to terrorists."

2. Anybody can be killed "while trying to escape"

3. People will find how easily one can become a subject of blackmail, and will start to be scared of their own shadow. What then will be the difference between " Western Democracy" and Fascist or Marxist regimes, or "Banana Republics"?

There will be no easy way to go back to previous freedom. Power holders never release the reins. Martyrdom awaits those who refuse life under Big Brother.


Nazi Intelligence fed the KGB with false information that led the paranoid Stalin to destroy the flower of the Red Army. He won the war almost by a miracle.

What is the difference between lies and strategic disinformation? The same as between a healthy appetite and bulimia; a matter of instinct and good intentions pro publico bono. We can lie to the enemy, it's part of war strategy. Our own public can be lied-to only in a grave situation, to prevent public panic.

We in great part provoked the present terror situation. We can resolve everything peacefully. The wars we're in or are preparing are to a great extent imaginary or blown out of proportion; the typical wars of a Big Brother. There is no situation that justifies "merciful lies" to our own public.

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