By William Markiewicz

(For more clarity, I changed the title of this article from "Better Dialogue than Fist of the Law.")

A correspondent, under the name 'Robert,' emailed an article from Insight Magazine titled, "It's 1984 in Massachusetts - And Big Brother Is Gay", which reports that in the name of political correctness, homosexuality is promoted among children in schools. The author sees it as a sign of the corruption rampant in our society. This could also be perceived as a modern revolutionary counter-attack on the Judeo-Christian, sexually restrictive society where homosexuality like all other minority orientations is considered sinful or pathological. If we look at the past, perhaps the situation isn't as extreme as it seems to many; even the most restrictive legislation permitted or tolerated prostitution throughout the ages. In many primitive societies, the initiation of boys into manhood was accompanied by ritual homosexuality between the youngster and the initiator, warrior or priest. Apparently it didn't mark the initiated, who retained an interest in the opposite sex and had a family with no problems. Homosexuality was taken for granted in Greek, Roman and many other Mediterranean societies. In Venice, I don't remember which century, homosexuality was so unbridled that the legislators ordered prostitutes to stroll publicly in their assigned areas with naked breasts. They ingenuously believed that this would turn the ephebes on. So I think it's important to remember that there is nothing new under the sun and other methods than legislation are needed to defend, especially children, against the trumpeting propaganda of promoters who may tend to abuse their position of power. Personally, I'd propose a dialogue between parents and children. It's better for children to learn what life is about from their parents than on the street or in the class. Even the most religious parents should tell their children that there are people who don't believe in God, that there are people who prefer their own sex, etc. Instead of indoctrinating children in what is right and wrong regarding sex, children should learn that sexual orientation shouldn't be a matter of politics or philosophy but of innate taste, like somebody prefers salt to pepper, sugar to lemon, etc. Not everything can be explained; this is just a matter of nature. Hormones determine the sexual choice. Children should learn the value of privacy in personal life. Therefore, intimity is better than collective displays like orgies. Reason and sincerity create more miracles than the toughest rules. Usually parents are happy to see their children become as similar to themselves as possible, including sexual orientation. Even this shouldn't be forced upon children, I think. The motto, "It's your hormones that decide not your mind" is the best rudder. I know of a case of a young woman who told her ten-year-old daughter, "Your mother is a true woman -- a bisexual." The little girl, not knowing the meaning, told her girlfriend that her mother was "bitextile." It ended in arguments that almost came to blows and finally, when she learned what it all meant, she told her mother: "Mama, when I grow up I'll be a true woman and love only men." The mother, a highly intelligent woman of course didn't object and had a good laugh.

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