By William Markiewicz

Excerpt from "Strange Versions of Democracy" by Alan Bock at

"The chapter on Bosnia is especially illuminating. Bosnia, remember, has three main ethnic groups and no substantial history as an independent nation-state. But the nation-builders in the U.S. State Department, the UN and the EU insisted on recognizing a state with the borders former Yugoslav dictator Tito had put in place for essentially administrative reasons (though there was also the motive of keeping the ethnic groups divided and conquered). So Bosnia was going to be a multiethnic showcase, no matter how impractical that goal was - and whether the people who lived there wanted it that way or not.

Jacques Klein, America's top nation-builder in Bosnia, was remarkably frank. "Our job," he said to a Wall Street Journal reporter in 1998, "is to turn a province into a country - sometimes whether the people like it or not." NATO Senior Deputy High representative Hanns Schumacher, responding to a question about a lack of Muslim-Croat cooperation or enthusiasm about NATO's plans: "I don't care. I am simply not interested in who does not want the Federation: this is a concept we will implement ... We dictate what will be done."

Spanish diplomat Carlos Westendorp, who was High Commissioner in 1997 dismissed numerous elected officials and disqualified even more from running for office. He explained that if elected Bosnian officials "cannot agree about some decision, for example the passports, the license plates, the flag ... I will stop this process of infinite discussions. In the future, it will look like this: I will give them a term to bring a certain decision, that is to agree about some decision. If they do not, I will tell them not to worry, that I will decide for them."

Before he was done, Westendorp had meddled extensively in the electoral process, going so far as to back certain candidates, and dismissed 13 Bosnian officials from power. He imposed 46 different laws and executive orders by decree. He also began the process of controlling the Bosnian media, closing offices of journals and TV stations he considered irresponsible (i.e., not cheerleaders for NATO occupation).

So maybe we shouldn't be surprised to find the benevolent and wise functionaries of the New World Order demanding that various countries round up suspects if they want to be taken seriously as members of the international club. But we shouldn't be under any illusion that this process has much to do with spreading liberty, respect for human rights, or even minimal adherence to democratic procedures."


Never in modern times has such colonialistic lingo been used in open admission that Nato is, in fact, an occupational force. They don't care how humiliating their manner is for the locals, they can afford it. The NWO has learned that diplomacy is not needed to convince a 'world community' that doesn't really exist. It's an artificial notion because people don't care what happens in far away matters. So, regarding public opinion, the people of Bosnia can continue to live under oppression, treated with disdain as 'inferior Balkanics' -- unless they wake up.

Years ago in Toronto I met a remarkable Bosnian Muslim, Alija Konjhodzic (I am not sure if the spelling is correct). He was old enough to participate as an adolescent in the movement fighting against Austrian occupation of Bosnia. In the same movement was Gavrilo Princip who killed the Archduke Ferdinand. Alija told me: "The Orthodox (Serbs), Catholic (Croats), and we Muslims, were all brothers united against the common enemy." Isn't it time now for Bosnians to take an example from their predecessors, to cleanse their shame of being treated like 'inferiors good for reeducation' and take matters into their own hands? The Polish poet Mickiewicz used a metaphor, writing about "horses which fight each other while fed and agree while whipped." Citizens of Bosnia are whipped right now by people like Klein and Carlos Westendorp. It's time for them to sweep away the arrogant masters and say thanks but no thanks, we don't want your oats nor your whip -- get out. Even if the present conditions favor Bosnian Muslims at the expense of Serbs and Croats, the colonial situation reverberates on them also and they should remember that it's better to settle matters among neighbors than to depend on powerful outside protectors. I don't think NATO would fight a whole population; after all, it's Europe and not some forgotten corner of Africa or Asia and they will need a minimal excuse which would be hard to find if all of Bosnia were against them. If the Bosnians succeeded in uniting against their NWO mentors, it would be a salutary burst of fresh air and not only for them The rest of the world, interested or not, would suddenly discover how rotten are the ways of the NWO and perhaps assimilate the wisdom of "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." The positive consequences could go far beyond Bosnia and the Balkans. A less arrogant NWO will also mean fewer civilians bombed in Afghanistan. And who knows, dialogue in Bosnia might also affect the opposing sides in Northern Ireland, in Kashmir, in the Middle East... We don't know how it works but those unrelated 'contaminations' exist in politics, which in this way turn imperceptibly into History.

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