By William Markiewicz

Entire villages and landscapes turned into ashes. It's no longer collateral damage, because collateral -- to what? Pashtun elders appealed to the U.S. for an end to the bombing that obliterates their people. Pashtuns, who appealed to nobody until now, who resisted Alexander the Great, Mongols, Soviets, now understand to whom the planet belongs, and bow down. Serbs, with no reputation for being sissies, did the same previously. The U.S. rejected the elders' appeal, saying that as long as Osama bin Laden remains at large the Afghans will be bombed. Those Afghans probably know no more about Bin Laden's whereabouts than you and I. Finally those villagers and city dwellers may be obliged to run away to Pakistan where they will continue to be bombed because the Talibans may be among them. Their abandoned land will be taken by the descendants of Ghengis Khan's warriors whom they resisted for centuries. Balkan history finds a parallel in Afghanistan, as the Serbs had to abandon ancestral lands in Krajina, Bosnia and Kosovo to NWO allies. Osama bin Laden who looks like a giant version of Don Quixote drawn by Gustave Dore, is perhaps the last in history to raise a destructive hand against the master of the planet. How long will the pursuit of bin Laden last? The Romans pursued Hannibal for more than 20 years -- he took poison just before being caught. The U.S. may continue for the next 20 years to try to find bin Laden, dropping bombs in the meantime.

Why aren't Karadzic and Mladic as avidly hunted as Osama bin Laden? It isn't only because bin Laden struck America but because Karadzic and Mladic are hiding in the wilderness in the heart of Europe. Destroying part of Montenegro, Southern Serbia, Bosnia, would affect the heavily populated European neighbouring countries; Switzerland, France, Austria, etc. would suffer and this the NWO cannot afford. As for Central Asia it may turn into ashes; which won't be covered by the New York Times and CNN.

Lately the Afghan government has reversed its position and given 'nihil obstat' to the U.S. as concerns the bombing. The new managers of Afghanistan don't want to alienate the Americans so they have no other choice than to approve. The pilots, now less scared because not many are left on the ground to shoot at them, may start to bomb more accurately and kill fewer civilians. The situation reminds me of a scene from an old gangster movie: the Godfather simultaneously gives money and slaps the face of a newly hired member, just to underline who is the boss.

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