By William Markiewicz

When I recently received a review of Patrick Buchanan's book from a correspondent, I didn't really feel an interest in the topic and didn't anticipate writing about it. But the readers' interest supercedes my initial lack of enthusiasm and I decided to go into it and explain my skepticism about Buchanan's ideas.

1. I've heard about people of advanced age who, after grave illness and miraculous survival, experienced a deep change of personality with no effect on their intelligence. They didn't know each other and still they developed similar personality characteristics. A new sense of duty, to defend the West against its enemies, was awakened in them. The remarkable thing was that they had never had any radical ideas or interests in this field. They felt "chosen" to fight evil. Of course it doesn't apply to Buchanan, a man in good health, not old, and of brilliant intelligence. It would be dishonest to link all people with certain ideas to those illuminated characters. But still it bugs me; it may be unfair but I feel as if those ideas in themselves are tainted by pathology.

2 "O tempora, o mores!" This kind of leitmotif appeared in every century. It's always the leitmotif of an old sage (maybe more old than sage). When age makes them lose their prime vitality, they are left with regret for the past and critiques of the present. Those jeremiads, apocalyptic predictions, always existed, never fulfilled.

3 Foreign invasions marked Europe for centuries, without having a notable effect on Europe and the white race. In Greek and Roman times, slavery was the equivalent of today's foreign manpower immigration. Eventually the slaves were liberated or integrated into the mainstream population. The Asians, since antiquity, have invaded and dominated Slavs and Germans. Attila died at an advanced age on the bosom of a young Germanic girl. Diocletian invited Serbs and Croats to defend the empire from the invasion of Czechs and Avars who were Asians. And, as if nothing happened, Asian invaders became simply part of Europe.

4 Why, in spite of all the mixtures and invasions do Whites predominate in the West? One author, signed Booty in his magazine "Wild Surmise", advanced the theory that hybrids have less vitality than pure races and they just die out naturally. Then why doesn't this apply in other parts of the world where hybrids flourish -- India, Egypt, North Africa, Latin America... A famous French humorist whose name I don't recall asked, "What color do you get when you mix an egg white and egg yellow? Yellow of course." Well, what shows in eggs and paints doesn't necessarily apply in the racial composition of nations. I know a Brazilian who told me that he has Indian and Black ancestors. You would never say it to look at him. Canada's huge Metis population is often indistinguishable from their white neighbours. Maybe the widespread theory that the white gene is recessive is not so true after all.

5 Massive emigration from the Third World to the First World is not necessarily a phenomenon, which will persist. People don't particularly like to emigrate and they stop naturally and even go back if the economic conditions at home improve. The Marshall Plan showed us that those miracles are possible. An organized program from the First World to improve the economy in the Second and Third World is not impossible to achieve.

6 We live in a very explosive situation, dangerous for the planet, but it has not so much to do with mixtures as with overpopulation. Improved prosperity reduces population explosions. Rich societies produce fewer children, we all know it. Global organized action from industrial countries to improve the global economy will stop both emigration and population explosion. We could be in quite an advanced position to achieve those goals, however, the hawkish policy of the NWO considerably delays a vision of the true priorities. So Buchanan's prediction that we are all in danger may not be so farfetched, but the causes are badly focused. It's not immigration, not mixing, but overpopulation caused by misery and influenced by the NWO.

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