By William Markiewicz

If you cannot muzzle your own people, how do you think I can muzzle mine?

The situation has worsened since the Oslo agreements because settlers took over in flagrant contempt of the agreement and us. Do we have to accept this expanded occupation? Then what remains to be negotiated? -- Your royal permission for us to remain alive?

If now, the very idea of negotiation with us sounds like a joke because we are too weak to be a negotiating partner, if all I have to do is to be an overseer of my people, then all that remains is to take off the uniform of a leader and become one more Arab to be killed.


My not-by-proxy comment:

If Arafat had accepted the very reasonable peace proposals of Clinton and Barak he'd be dead today like Rabin. The Israeli and Arab extremists have a common goal to stop the peace process. The Arab terrorists don't give a damn for Arafat's fate, as they don't give a damn for their own lives or for the sufferings of their own people. Maximum affliction for Israel is the primary goal. Therefore Israeli retaliation is only for self-satisfaction, as empty of meaning as masturbation.

When American society exhausts its hawkish frenzy they will search for a scapegoat for their own shortcomings and of course then they will blame the Jews. Let's not forget that the most famous Jewish hawk was Bar-Kochba who led the Jews to the Diaspora. The West and its acolytes are led now by Hawks -- Bush, Blair, Sharon . . . If their grip weakens then no nuclear arsenal will save Israel from Arab/Islamic fury, while the world at large will just watch what happens as it watches now. Israeli society must wake up and realize that Israeli occupation of heavily populated Arab territories is as unacceptable as would be the occupation of heavily populated Jewish territories by the Palestinians. Each occupation is imperialism even with excuse of "security reasons." Let's note that everywhere in the world, when foreigners try to impose their rule over native populations it's a call for trouble.

Tony Blair declared that Israeli-Arab peace would take years to achieve. Obviously Blair and Sharon are not in a hurry -- Blair, because he doesn't give a damn for either Israelis or Arabs.

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