By William Markiewicz

While I was traveling, Vagabond's server went down. I don't know how long it lasted; anyway, on my return I made the unpleasant discovery that Vagabond was not on the net. In Vagabond's five years of existence, this had never happened before. It took its toll in time to change the web address and to start practically anew.

Looking back I judge Vagabond a moderate success; unlike some specialised web pages directed to specific audiences, there weren't hundreds of visitors per day but for a home page of general character like Vagabond, the number of visitors was reasonably satisfying -- over twenty per day, probably some kindred spirits, entered through the index page. The Communication Page is quite well furnished in quality as well as quantity, so I felt bound to always be on time with the new issue at the beginning of each month.

Now after five years of extensive writing, I feel a little bit slowed down, and the fascinating topics are also slowing down. We live in a routine period; the bad or good news remain more or less constant. Vagabond has brought me many satisfactions and two small deceptions, difficult for me to understand: early on I tried to simultaneously boost Vagabond, my book, "Extracts of Existence" and the "Communication Page" so I offered my illustrated book of aphorisms free to those who answered the call and followed up with a letter for the Communication Page. I don't remember if I received one or two replies. Why would anybody refuse the offer of a book with no strings attached? It cannot be explained by lack of interest in Vagabond because visitors continued. I never pierced this enigma.

The second surprise came during the present server's glitch; I didn't receive a single comment -- "Where is Vagabond?!" I know that many visitors come from the most divers and often prestigious corners of the internet, so how could they so easily accept the disappearance of a site toward which they had shown attraction? Consequently I will keep Vagabond on the web for my own benefit and for those interested, but I will be more relaxed regarding, for instance, deadlines. Why should one stress himself with no real pressure? I will act according to my moods and hopefully my moods will allow me to remain prolific.

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