By William Markiewicz

For the first time perhaps, the Israelis realise that they've established their dream on a really tough spot, and they panic. They choose worse and worse among solutions, millenaries of Jewish history haven't given them maturity yet. If they want to survive they must abandon their historical claims based on Scriptures and the USA. Today people lose their historical rights under their feet; the Serbs, formerly a majority, have lost their sacred Kosovo without ever leaving it, overpowered by long standing Albanians immigration supported first by Turks, then Nazis, now NATO. For their own sake and the sake of their children, the Israelis must give freedom to the local Arabs who have lived in old Jerusalem and territories for centuries nonstop, and concentrate their efforts on staying where they've built their cities, kiboutzim and villages, the only places where they can claim their souvereignity. They won peace and normal relations with neighboring Egypt by giving back the conquered Sinai; the same must happen in the Golan heights if they want to establish normal relations with Syria. The Israelis keep a mystical faith in America as much as in their own God or more. If they want to save Zionism and Israel, this illusion must disappear.

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