By William Markiewicz

From the Press Release:

The Committee to Celebrate the Victory of Democracy in Serbia,
under the patronage of the Serbian Orthodox Church in America,
will stage a gala celebration of the recent change of government
in their ancestral land this coming Sunday, January 21. ...

At first glance, it is their own business and of no interest to others. But for me it is a sinister vision of how reality can be openly distorted as in a crazy mirror.

I remember a story of traveler, to Argentina I believe, where the cattle ran toward the cliff, to their death.. The cowboys, or gauchos, were trying desperately to stop them. It was impossible because their instinct was to follow the leader, who started the way toward death. The writer described the heroic and hopeless efforts to save at least a few. Now, how does this example fit our topic? The majority of Serbs and the rest of the human herd follow an obviously absurd path. Here's the scenario:

1) Those Serbs celebrate the victory of democracy in Yugoslavia in the country that destroyed the land of their ancestors economically, ecologically and demographically. If the plutonium scare, or other side effects of the bombing are be proved, then we know what awaits the Balkans for generations to come. From the most pristine part of Europe, and most beautiful and healthy population -- ecological nightmare with generations of mutants ahead.

2) Milosevic lost the election, strange procedure and outcome for a 'dictator.' Richard Gwynn of the Toronto Star once described Milosevic as a "democratic dictator" -- an oxymoron that doesn't require comment. If it hadn't come from a writer of his reputation, such a line wouldn't even find a place in any respectable paper. It just shows how blindly the world may follow any leader anywhere and how any nonsense may continue. The Serbs in Chicago celebrate, not the return to democracy, which obviously existed before as shown by the free elections, but the defeat and destruction of their ancestors' country. What's surprising is how many American friends of Serbia and even Yugoslav President Kostunica himself assists at this charade. Obviously they are carried away by the herd. The Spaniards have a saying: "Donde vas Vicente? -- Donde va la gente!." (Where are you going Vincent? -- Where the people go!) Kostunica knows but he must put a good face on a bad game in order to save at least some bits from the herd. Why does it interest us? Because the majority of us have always lived and probably will live believing the lies that are thrown in our faces. Therefore all religions have ended in butchery, revolutions -- in dungeons. Maybe the Zorastrian vision of the fight between Good and Evil is what really ignites the spark of life. Maybe they cannot exist without one another... Therefore the minority will always be angry and the majority always happy with everything that goes on as long as it doesn't affect them personally. Probably the planet is too big to be totally destroyed by 'humanitarian' leaders and their cretinous followers.

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