By William Markiewicz

For many people, this passage from the number '1' to '2' will undoubtedly be a mystical, or at the least, an emotional experience. Others, more skeptical philosophers, will take this passage for granted as an ordinary chronological change. But each time we have to consider the date, there will be a strange feeling, like a psychological itch at the finger tip, that from now on we must begin with '2' where our forefathers for one thousand years wrote '1.' Also, as all politicians are aware, while wars usually start with very down to earth goals, the outcome depends a lot on psychology. Therefore the beginning of the Millennium is potentially charged with military operations emerging here and there, and screw tightening on those already in action. At lower levels, some illuminati may want to have their names associated for eternity with the new Millennium, so spectacular terrorist acts may erupt.

By the way, will there be computer generated chaos? As on the stockmarket, predictions abound. The best most of us can do is to prepare a 'survival kit' for a few days or weeks. Hopefully, it's just a dark passing cloud.

What ideologies will be most in sight? Communism seems dead, Democracy is under 'velvet control' (through PR agencies). Lurking Fascism will try to penetrate the NWO. The Oriental hemisphere will remain under the influence of vigorous Islamism.

Ideology aside, the dominance of a single super superpower makes the perspectives for peace gloomy. The Millennium ends with bombing and chances are that other bombings or superbombings may take place. In spite of the widely preached universal harmony, confrontations abound in the form of separatist upheavals or neighbourly conflicts, while the fighting sides compete for the favours of the single super superpower. The New Millennium takes us a hundred or maybe hundreds of years back in History; neocolonialism is clearly present. It didn't have to be so because modern technology brings us as near as possible to a conceptual Eldorado. Potentially we can save cultures, health, environment, freedom, peace and we could advance toward utopias like genetic improvement (nothing in common with the genetic engineering). But the infrastructure of the super superpower wont allow it. The USA is ruled by lobbies, and lobbies are basically business not politics; no place for niceties, for philosophical abstractions. Personally, I'm all for lobbies, usually they represent democratic struggle. But what is good inside the country is not necessary good outside. Inside there are rules to respect, while for the outside the lobbies become the super superpower's tentacles. It's the lobbies that decide whom to support in Europe or elsewhere and against whom. It's the lobbies which decide that "Russia is too big" (Siberia? Caucasus? -- gold, oil, and other riches). And sooner or later China may become "too big." In politics the goals are complex while business's only goal is more business, meaning accumulation of possessions. Therefore business oriented lobbies will go for any war where profit is in sight. The blend of lobbies, cowboy mentality politicians, and of course its super superpower position makes the USA a particularly aggressive country. Public opinion exists because it's a democracy, and most often it can be masterfully manipulated by the PR agencies and their tool -- the medias. PR, however, is not omnipotent in all situations as we saw in Seattle; the PR manipulators know their limits. Some socio-psychologists say that collective intelligence has an earthworm's IQ but this applies only in domains not concerning the crowd directly. Wherever the group has a direct interest, it manifests sharp intelligence and the PR agencies wouldn't even attempt indoctrination. But in matters concerning far away countries, PR and the media become the coffee table Bible, and anything is accepted. So, the wars may be won, the countries and nations may disappear and nobody at the coffee table will be particularly touched.

Super superpower is a disease on a planetary scale; nobody needs it, not even the super superpower itself. Russia had a chance to be a healthy counterpoint; the fall of Communism shouldn't have broken her backbone. Hitler led Germany from total loss to the superpower position. The world's selective memory may forget the Final Solution and remember Hitler only for this achievement. That Russia couldn't do it may have global consequences. One nature TV Program showed how one snake demonstrated to another snake that's it was too big to be swallowed (how did the snake know what to do?!). Will Russia (and China...) be able to convince the lobbies that they are too big to be swallowed? This may prevent nuclear winter in the Millennium.

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