By William Markiewicz

A Lighter Tune

For a change, here's something light and silly (or perhaps dense and chilly?). Some friends and I were discussing unusual insults. I contributed with my own brand: 'You're so pathetic that even your bad luck turns away from you'. Our little crowd cherished it so I decided to share it with web dwellers. I went to Alta Vista which one of my acquaintances calls ' the Encyclopedia Britannica of the web' and looked for 'insults.' I got impressive results showing 63.000 pages of insults so I thought that it would be easy to find a niche for my insult. After consulting many pages, I stopped my research frustrated and exhausted. All I found was 'Shakespearean insults', 'Elizabethan insults,' ads for insulting greeting cards, nobody proposed to a visitor: 'contribute your own insult.' It's not the same with the pages of quotations, almost everybody there asks you graciously for your own quotation. I even had the pleasant surprise of finding my own aphorisms on pages that I had never encountered before, and with due credits. I opened another search engine and right away I found an invitation: 'contribute your insults please ' but my heart wasn't in it anymore. I was and still am fascinated with this unanswerable question: why does one specific theme escape a search engine to a degree that defies all statistical odds? Anyway, 'for the best or the worst' I decided to keep my insult within Vagabond.

Sex With Children

A scandalous affair recently shook British Columbia when a judge ruled that keeping child pornography is not a crime. The defendant, an older man, declared on TV that he's now afraid to leave his apartment. He has even more reason to be afraid, as he candidly declared that sex with consenting children shouldn't be considered a crime. I have a question for this gutsy pedophile. We know that sex is a mingling of brain and hormones. Is a child sufficiently equipped in both to make a decision? For the majority of life forms, sex is the only way to reproduce so sex is rather kept out of the assortment of children's games. But this dependence of reproduction on sex is not reciprocal. Sex goes its own way with homosexuality which is not only linked to humans and thus is closer to nature then pedophilia. However, pedophilia is not absent from our cultural traditions; we have some archetypal images of it. For instance what is the meaning of Cupids' involvement in erotic --romantic joy? As for female children, they are curiously excluded from the archetypal children's sexual pantheon, only the pre-Raphaelites painted girl-nymphs. In the majority of cases they were rather sinister, augures of desire linked to doom. In this, the pre-Raphaelites followed older traditions connecting prepubescent girls to witchcraft. Apollinaire's Lorelei, "la sorciere blonde qui faisait mourir d'amour tous les hommes a la ronde" (the blond witch who made all the men roundabout die of love) -- was she child, woman-child, woman? Anyway, she had more in common with a witch of death than with Aphrodite.


Does anybody know of more burning political topics than the Balkans and Iraq at present? Surely there are many others, but those two grab the world's attention because they concern Europe and oil.

Bosnia's revenge is tracking Fikret Abdic like Rome's revenge tracked Hannibal. What was Abdic's crime that Bosnia proclaims him a war criminal (with the Hague Court's support, of course!)? He was the only leader to succeed in uniting Muslims, Serbs and Croats -- that was his crime. He had the key to general reconciliation, but he was nobody's protege, he had 'only' the locals on his side. He dared to include the Serbs in the equation! The NWO doesn't want independent Balkans. By resolving the 'Serbian problem', the Balkans will go back to the 'comfortable' pre WWI position when it was partitioned between the Germanic and Turkish empires. The present hunt for war criminals, focused on Serbs, is a warning to all those who may may not go along, like Russia and Greece. The next war criminals on the list? Lukashenko, Yeltzin, Peter Handke, Kennan, all of us ...

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