By William Markiewicz

Europe has four geopolitical peripheries: Ireland at the northwest, Portugal at the southwest, Scandinavia at the northeast, the Balkans at the southeast. Those four points have a greater chance of remaining at peace than the rest of the continent. The Balkans, for the most part, are of little concern to the rest of the world. Germany has seen them as a mere pathway in their drive toward the Mediterranean. For Turkey, the Balkans were a step on the way to conquer Europe. For all other countries, the Balkans remain 'terra incognita' where those involved can freely play their games.

Serbia is a natural obstacle for the Muslims and the Germans. Russia forms a natural barrier between the Muslims and China. Logically it would be in the best interest of the world to leave those natural barriers in peace. But the NWO is too powerful to worry about balance. Like a giant with a child's brain, the NWO is ready to build its fantasist realities. According to their vision, the power holders will redraw the political map of countries, will decide which peoples may grow and which should shrink, whose mouths have to be silenced, whose hands and heads must be cut off. Their 'courts', the Hague Court included, are sinister places with questionable sentences and mysterious deaths for the inmates. Too much mystery surrounds prisoners in 'democratic courts' -- who knows what happened to Noriega, dropped from memory as if he never existed. We can only speculate about what happened to Lumumba, and few believe the official version about Allende's fate. There will never be a satisfactory explanation of the death of Serbs in the Hague whose numbers, either dead or still alive, defy any statistical rationale. With the arrogance, carelessness, stubbornness, that total power engenders, the NWO performs socio-political vivisection, puts wolf and wolverine into the same cage and judges the survivor as a war criminal -- justice in the image of the Inquisition's 'divine judgment.'

The Chief Observers, whether in Iraq or Serbia, behave like Gauleiters. Iraq was given a choice between being spied on or being bombed, meaning between de facto occupation or murder. Iraq chose bombs. Why do Iraqi people seem more determined than the Serbs? Perhaps Iraqis are more united and Iraq is a much bigger country and nation, harder to obliterate than the Serbs. Also, Iraqis have the Arab world on their side even if it hasn't been too much help up to now. Some day, too late, it may be unveiled that NWO means the death of history, death of freedom and the end of common sense solutions.

'Massacre of the innocents' -- we read about it first in the Old Testament and then its twin story appears in the Gospels. Herod was a pragmatic politician, a non-believer, sophisticated; he had an outstanding art collection which was in defiance of Mosaic law. He would never have consulted priests for apocalyptic predictions. I don't know about the Pharaoh. Now, in modern times, we have the twin stories of Markale and Racak, this time tangible as we could see the victims. The perpetrator remains a mystery. Suspicion should always fall on those whom the crime may have served.

Pondering the Serbs' situation recently, I thought of the Acadian French prior to their expulsion but without a 'Louisiana' at their disposal. In my mind's eye I could foresee the helpless and enraged Serbs accusing each other just as the outcast Acadians blamed each other for their fate. But now, unexpectedly, the situation seems to have improved; light at the end of the tunnel? For the first time since the start of the anti-Serbian and pro-Albanian campaign I saw representatives of Yugoslav authority interviewed on TV. And another unbelievable thing happens: The crowds are shown in their daily lives in Belgrade and individuals have an opportunity to express themselves. We see Serbs with human faces and hear their own side. The era of caricaturization seems to be over and certainly not because of the manipulators' change of heart; their honesty appears when circumstances don't allow another choice. Noticeable also is the total change of tone toward the Serbs: High officials begin to say that the Serbs are not the sole killers and kidnappers but are also subjected to kidnapping and killing. It should be self evident, but it's so much more than the Serbs could expect up to now. They probably start to breathe a little bit more freely. The very fact that NATO didn't interrupt the Finnish forensic examinations of Racak victims with bombs may indicate a stay of the Serbs' sentence and may well put off independence for the Kosovo Albanians. OK, everybody has a right to independence, but why not Krajina Serbs, why not Bosnian Serbs? Nobody should depend on capricious princely grants or refusals. Why did Krajina's Serbs, Croatia's Serbs, Sarajevo's Serbs have to get out while the Kosovo Albanians can stay? Equal solutions for analogous problems please! The danger still remains that NATO may carve out independence for Kosovo Albanians with bombs.

By the way, the Serbs objected to press reports that the KLA and Serbia exchanged hostages. We learned from the CBC that the Serbs held 9 KLA members including a 17 year old girl and that all were captured armed and in military uniform. In other words, the KLA got back 9 military personnel and gave up five elderly Serb villagers.

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