By William Markiewicz

A farmer in a Radio show interview was praising the advantages of genetic engineering applied to corn. This genetically altered corn resists mold and parasites. In other words parasites and mold don't recognize this corn as edible. Has the farmer tried to give this corn as a choice to birds and animals? Chances are that they wouldn't accept this corn as a part of the universal food chain. Why should it be different for humans? The worst consequences are those which show up several generations later -- when it's too late. The ancient explorers had animals that tasted -- tested -- unknown food. Animals have instincts we don't have; they'll reject any evident poison. Therefore they should remain our guides at the food industry level, no matter what the looks of the product, the taste or the profit it may generate. We can commit irreparable mistakes with our science because we can't go back in time to erase mistakes.

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