By William Markiewicz


From the press:

"I am intentionally violating Resolution 1244 with respect
to the return of the Yugoslav Army to the borders. This is 
impossible for now because it would lead  to a new war," claims Kouchner.
At this point Kouchner lost control a little and explained to the priest 
that he did not believe in multiethnicity. "I know the history of the 
Serbian people; I know that you have been here for 1,500 years; but
you must not forget the last ten years of apartheid. We know well
that because of the evils to which the Albanian people were subjected,
a common life is not possible at this time."
As we know, resolutions are not binding for the stronger and can be broken at will. Today, the most sophisticated ethnic cleansing of all time goes by the name 'revenge' -- considered by the Brave New World Order as a virtue when directed against Serbs. In the name of 'revenge' at least 900.000 Serbs were cleansed from Croatia, Bosnia, and -- along with other non-Albanians -- from Kosovo. Sooner or later, in the name of Bosnia's 'reunification', the remaining Serbs there will be cleansed too, and Vojvodina and Sandjak will be next in line for 'liberation' from Serbs. And, probably without precedent in the history of Europe, almost one million refugees -- men, women and children -- are openly deprived of all elementary aid. All this in a severely bombed country, in harsh winter, and nobody seems to remark it, much less protest. They can die for all we care. Strange attitude in our society where cases of homeless people and children in need are constantly exposed with appeals for help in the media. Isn't our society's selective blindness revolting?

What is today called 'revenge, and 'liberation' was called 'Judenrein' over fifty years ago. Now, to the glory of the NWO, those who profited from the Nazi cleansing of Jews in the past, profit today from the greatest ethnic cleansing in Balkan history.

The NWO doesn't give a damn for Albanians or Serbs. NATO practically occupies this land and allowed Albanians to kill Serbs; now the Albanians are killing each other.

Kosovo has become a mafia center of Europe. McLuhan envisioned the world as a Global Village. NWO/NATO transform whatever they touch into the Global Banana Republic.


Paradoxical as it may seem, the Americans support Jihad. This recalls the times when the Venetians supported Mongol invasion of Europe in order to weaken their competitors. Americans know that they have Conservative Islam represented by Emirats and Saudi Arabia on their side. And who carries out Jihad if not an extremist fringe of Conservative Islam? So, in fact we see peaceful coexistence between Mujahadeen and Americans who manipulate Jihad directing its darts against Russia, against Yugoslavia, while keeping them away from their allies. As legitimate as their aspirations for independence may be, they are manipulated by all sides, losing their pristine purity.

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