1. The river bed remains even when the river is gone. A time bed is similarly carved in our memory. Consequently, we measure time by looking backwards.
  2. Time in itself is the same, only we are different.
  3. What becomes heavier when empty? -- Time.
  4. Eternal immutable Time. Space can be 'altered', space can be filled up, space can be empty, while Time only observes how everything happens in its name.
  5. Time is like a pizza cut into infinite slices of eternities.
  6. The worst journey is the journey through time because it goes only one way.
  7. Time exists even if nothing happens. Space exists even if it contains nothing. Time and Space are nonentities, eternal and immutable. They exist only as measures of relationships.
  8. Changes in plants are imperceptible at least to our senses. Plants bespeak the eternal present. Any inanimate object can do this to us but plants, being alive, introduce a dynamic factor into our sense of the static.
  9. I am in the subway. Nearby, people are passing and time passes like people.
  10. The river: image of time passing and of eternity coexisting.
  11. Indifferent time takes into its embrace our joys and our sorrows. Indifferent time releases us from its embrace.
  12. Part energy -- we inhabit time; part matter -- we inhabit space, and part 'spirit' -- are we deluded?
  13. Thought inhabits time. Action inhabits space.
  14. Emotions inhabit time and make it shorter or longer.
  15. The infinitely large is static. Static means an eternal present; the process of cause/effect is excluded. In the infinitely small, past becomes future and future becomes past immediately. There is no present. We are space-time creatures; we can only contemplate the finite. We are always beyond the infinitely small and just a small particle within the infinitely large.
  16. Facing time and reality, what can we do with our instants and our dreams?
  17. Time is too heavy to be carried by you alone. Time needs at least two carriers: you and a companion and/or an event.
  18. The present: a boat floating on the ocean of intemporality.
  19. Past: eternity put into storage.
  20. Continuum: a suite of instants which deny it, and form it.
  21. Nothing is important, because everything passes. The lapse of time is what makes the difference. We exist in the lapse of time, and time is the framework on which we weave our dreams.
  22. Now:
    Life is what's going on now
    It contains your heart and your soul
    For now.

    Yesterday died, tomorrow doesn't exist
    Now is as big as the universe
    Now . . . !

  23. Youth lives outside the notion of time; time has no grip on it. But, imperceptibly, time ends up by taking its revenge.
  24. Time is the space between two happenings.
  25. Contemplating the flow of time I wonder: do I consume it or does it consume me?
  26. The present moment is the chalice which contains everything. The present moment is also your judge and your condition within it -- your sentence.
  27. Happy is the one who found his Shangri-La and buried Time.


  28. Time is not nutrition for the senses. Time is an abstraction. Time inhabits thought and thought inhabits time. When you understand that you can freely interchange time and space, then perhaps you will be able to liberate yourself from both.
  29. The best remedy against despair is to change the notion of "time" to "space." To treat each new day as an arrival in a new place with new challenges. Because what difference does it make whether you look for something new in a new place or a new day?
  30. By the fact that you are, you are the wine you drink and bread you eat -- or wormwood and poison. Through the concept of spacetime, strive to be wine in spite of time which finally breaks the chalice. You are programmed not to be afraid. In spite of logic life fights for life.
  31. When you exchange time for space the effort linked to this metamorphosis automatically distances you from yourself. And you look on yourself from the perspective of time/space which gives you the opportunity for a new evaluation of yourself, to find out for what you, "your tool" can serve.
  32. Spacetime is void. Sometimes on the surface of spacetime small linear traces appear, then resorb and the surface becomes smooth again. Such are our existences.

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