1. We are shadows moving over an ephemeral surface. Our goal -- Shangri-La -- like a rainbow, exists in an unobtainable sphere. The way leading toward it exists not in space, but in dreams.

  2. The buried dreams
    My buried dreams
    What dreams?

  3. Human thought
    Rose into the skies with Icarus
    On the way it encountered the fallen angel
    And they merged
    And fell together.

  4. Yeats/Eternal Recurrence

    "Cast a cold eye
    On life, on death,
    Horseman, pass by!"

    Even the most meaningless existence becomes meaningful by its continuation and/or its repetitiveness. It is like order, pattern, part of a ballet. And the horseman acknowledges and passes by, undaunted.

  5. The great silence

    Don't stir the great silence -- all you can do is to lift the mud from the bottom.

    For the animals and primitive man, the great silence serves as territory for their rituals.

    In the great silence, amble other territories, other dimensions -- ourselves. We interact with this exterior great silence, we create our thunders, our muds. But the great silence itself remains unaffected, immuable, like the moon in its solitudes.

  6. The desperation of passing instants

    The spirits go away . . .
    Above: clouds are passing
    Below: people pass like ghosts.
    When the humans go away, when the ghosts go away, why is it such a parade of sorrow? Perhaps because passing introduces the past to the present and to the inflexible future, as youth introduces old age and old age introduces death.
    With ghosts you will not straighten your accounts.

  7. The gods
    have carved vessels out of negative space
    which started to exist
    when filled with love
    Those which remain empty
    Try to forget their shape.

  8. Climb the mountain
    to the world of subconscious
    where strangers relate to us
    where everything has sense
    where eyes open to a gray sky
    escape the pain, nourish the mind
    where spirits don't see words, only their shadows

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