1. I was looking for a 'missing card' in myself and when I realised that it didn't exist, everything became so much more simple. Everything comes from outside, even the 'soul.'
  2. The problem is physical if you can change it and philosophical if you must change yourself.
  3. Conditions are normal when we don't have to understand them in order to operate within them. The fish doesn't have to 'understand' the water.
  4. The mind is cold. It is the role of subjectivity to find the 'sense of life.' The depressed person has lost the capacity to invent his own fairytale.
  5. One must operate at the surface. Depth is a foggy labyrinth and mind belongs to the surface of things, to the linear way.
  6. Free choice exists only within the framework of the genes as consciousness exists within the framework of information. It doesn't matter how high your potential is, your consciousness cannot go beyond your information.
  7. We cannot feel that we change because 'change' enters into our fabric.
  8. In the majority of primitive societies and among children, apprenticeship for life is done on the backs of the weaker ones; competition and games are older concepts than justice.
  9. The development of personality means to remain yourself in ever-changing circumstances, like the ship that continues sailing on a rough sea.
  10. To be a philosopher means to be impersonal.
  11. Be a philosopher in order not to lose the last thing that remains to you.
  12. My Tiny Gate to Infinity
    I am sitting in a tiny dark closet with a migraine It manifests itself at this moment as a pain in my eyeballs. I have two tiny balls of pain in my face, which are not eyes right now because I see nothing. As time passes I have time to think. And so I think about the connection between the pain and my eyeballs and I conclude that as eyes serve not for pain but for vision, the pain must be some nasty little intruder -- to what purpose? What is the intruder looking for in my eyes?
    This kind of reflection made me drop off to sleep and probably gave me this dream: I see an empty box, no purpose, and then I see quite a big white book, with empty pages, and I realise that this is a devil's bible, a devil's statement: "the universe is full of content -- but no purpose."
  13. Having two brains still doesn't make us 'we.' Or does it?
  14. Should cynicism be accepted because of its truth or rejected because of its bitterness? Neither accepted nor rejected, but acknowledged.
  15. Accepting, is to treat prison like freedom. We replace a walk away from prison with a walk inside prison walls.
  16. In life, action towers over philosophy. In the twilight zone of suffering and dying, philosophy is a necessity. Philosophy is a weapon of the unachieved and the passage between life and death is the most difficult chapter of life.


  17. Use reason but protect yourself from its shadow.
  18. By leaning too much on what we know, we risk losing the essential we don't know.

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