1. 'Real' is what we live. 'Unreal' keeps us alive.
  2. Does the universe care if I am universal?
  3. When you wake up into reality you lose the interior landscapes on the wing and you feel like a blind man with no stick and no visions.
  4. What is identity? "I am" is an expression of universal me. When I am enraged I express universal rage; my fatigue is universal fatigue, my joy is universal joy, etc.
  5. Adulthood -- how you handle the world. Childhood -- how the world handles you.
  6. Mountains are uplifting not because you direct your gaze to the sky but to the earth.
  7. Everything is forced on you. You don't choose your planet, your parents. Coercion starts at your birth.
  8. You'll not catch a swallow by fishing in a pond.
  9. Time and space have no other gift to offer you than freedom.
  10. In prehistoric times hunger put humanity in touch with gods and fear, with devils.
  11. There are only two in you: your brain and your body. Your body is your tender spot, your shield is your brain.
  12. "Matter" is "energy"; but what is energy? What is matter? We have an equation where both sides are unknown.
  13. There cannot be a universal schema of the Universe. The Universe is composed of drops and each drop is a Universe.
  14. Religions are as charged with archetypal images as beautiful fairytales. How much atheistic music, poetry, painting is there to admire?
  15. When in the real world everything is denied, what remains is limitless.
  16. The 'real' world is made of impossibilities.
  17. Questions are more important than answers. The answer may be right or wrong while the question cannot be wrong. It can only be wrongly formulated or directed to the wrong person.
  18. Genes: the twilight zone where personal story joins objective fate; the connection point between the subjective 'you' and the objective external world, conditioning your 'luck' in life.
  19. All that is not reward is punishment.
  20. Which flowers bloom on the grave of hope?
  21. Nature: creates everything and cares about nothing.
  22. Action: pattern on the surface of time.
  23. Statistics weaves happenings into a design.
  24. Boredom: when life imitates death.
  25. Basically there are two conditions in life; what we desire and what we can obtain. What we can obtain changes, usually for the worse. What we desire remains the same.
  26. Extreme opposites can inhabit one person. Do not accord somebody too much credit for his virtues or too much blame for his faults.
  27. We are tourists visiting our feelings.
  28. The subway: so many faces and really only one face.
  29. The engineer is the poet of matter. While looking for efficiency, he may find beauty.
  30. 'Secrets' fool us, simple things clear up by themselves.
  31. False ideas can carry unknown truths.
  32. The path of evolution is as covered with corpses as the way of revolution.
  33. The bad is sometimes a dike against the worst.
  34. To think before feeling is like trying to guess the taste of something unknown.
  35. To the Learned One:

    You know everything.
    You can die.
    You have already filled
    Your terrarium

    Then why can the tree live so long?
    It knows only two things: water and photosynthesis.
    There is enough space for it
    In the realm of ignorance.
  36. On the physical plane we participate. On the mental plane we acknowledge.
  37. No matter how smart one is, one can only go so far.
  38. We cannot replace the sublime with the indispensable.
  39. We don't enjoy our senses; we obey them.
  40. All our spiritual experiences we perceive physically.
  41. People: images on the turning pages of time.
  42. Listen to the voice of your body before any other. The final accounts are made with the body.
  43. Your body, this animal that carries you, is your most valuable ally. How do you treat it?
  44. The body is an interior landscape we communicate with in three ways -- pleasure, pain, and dreams.

    Dreams are an acrobatic connection between our internal condition and pictures from the exterior world. This mixture of two unrelated elements becomes the symbol, the alphabet to be deciphered by doctors, psychologists, parapsychologists and sorcerers.

    There are dreams transcending space and time, premonitory dreams. The fact that they exist raises unanswered questions about our mind and the universe, about the very fabric of mind and universe.

    The least complex role of dreams is to react to our experiences.
  45. The hedonist bragging on TV about the delights of a good time seems ridiculous.

    The hermit in his grotto looks pathetic.

    Why does taking a stand mean being a loser?
  46. So-called decision making, having to make a choice instead of 'having it all, is proof of limits, of some helplessness. Giving value to the art of decision-making will one day belong to the past. We already make fewer decisions than our ancestors did. When we are able to direct our destiny, we will not make decisions.
  47. Suffering doesn't enrich us spiritually; looking at an ugly picture doesn't enrich the eye. Negative experiences and emotions push us to where existence is only mud.
  48. The unidentifiable can still belong to reality.
  49. Do you prefer the door to close
    Behind your back or at your nose?
  50. Each condition is its own dimension. There are no bridges between individuals or groups living in different conditions; they may rub shoulders, yet persist incommunicado.
  51. Everything degenerates when it becomes routine. To be reduced to routine is a symptom of the last gasp.
  52. We wait for everything except what comes.
  53. Things happen for reasons other than the apparent ones; "the stars don't shine where we see them." (Norwid)
  54. We don't proceed, we become. We don't age, we become oldness. We don't fall sick, we become sickness. We don't become happy, we become happiness.
  55. Our thoughts at each moment appear and disappear
    At each moment of our life we are:
    A painter painting his masterwork in the air
    A poet singing his sonnets in the desert
    The ocean hiding pearls in its depths.
    At each moment we brush against the world of nothingness
    Where the dead, and the never conceived, are one.
  56. Thus speaks the tree:

    I am a suspended meadow, a hand that earth extends to the sky. I am a bouquet the Earth offers to the sun.
    I am the living part of the landscape, witness to the place. I am the beginning and the end, a sense in myself. I am existence. If God exists, I am one.

  57. Beware of exaggerated love for religion if you are not a prophet; of lust, if you are not Casanova; of life, if you are not a creator.
  58. Trying to prove something by something else, we fool ourselves; each thing proves only itself. If, for instance, somebody heals using a holy picture, it doesn't prove that the picture is holy. It proves only the healing.
  59. The cat falls on four feet -- but it doesn't determine where.
  60. Miracles also are subjects for statistics.
  61. There is no such thing as change; some part goes and another comes in its place. The human is like a tree -- the leaves come and go and don't know about each other.

    The past we don't feel or remember is a dried and fallen leaf that takes away one parcel of consumed life, irrevocably.
  62. When I see one joyful person, I see all of them.
    When I see one suffering person, I see all of them.
    Individualities? Multiple heads of the same dragon.

  63. From the perspective of the gods, everything human has a magical dimension, as does animal life for us.
  64. What is the living world? A dead world aware of itself.
  65. How to 'recycle' oneself?
  66. From the balcony at night, I saw the neighbours through their lighted windows. The high-rise buildings looked like giant aquariums in which people, like fish, moved with mysterious aims, meaningful only for them. All movements are magic and hypnotic when we sum them up and take away their individual sense; fish in an aquarium, people in their habitats, rotation of the planets ... all become unified, static, eternal; Buddhism and relativity in a common embrace.
  67. Space, which contains everything, is indifferent. Air, which envelops everything, is indifferent. Still, space and air together have created wings.
  68. If you have the key, the wall becomes a gate.

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