1. " -- Where do we go?"
    " -- Nowhere."
    " -- For how long?"
    " -- Forever."
    (Maurice Renard.)

  2. -- Crime?
    -- Life.
    -- Sentence?
    -- Life.

  3. Hell is the no man's land between life and death.
  4. Hell is the long wait as the executioner's axe falls.
  5. Hell is when nobody waits with you nor for you.
  6. Hell is when you must live like an animal or a plant and your non-animal and non-vegetable faculties scream in terrible protest.
  7. When you are in Hell the devils assign you a companion in despair -- despair.
  8. Hell: you are the centre, the horizons equal zero.
  9. Hell is empty time, empty life.
  10. Hell is when you live for 'anaesthesia.' Hell is also when you reject anaesthesia and "you look into the abyss and the abyss looks at you" (Nietzsche).
  11. Hell is fear that tomorrow will be like yesterday and today -- and it is.
  12. Hell is when there is no reason to live nor courage to die.

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