1. Man can be 'gothic' only for God. For himself man has to be 'baroque.'
  2. Communion with God: if you exist or not, I commune, because I exist.
  3. God, let me find life's common denominator in order to grasp its cosmic rank!
  4. God, make natural selection only one of the options, more a dare than a verdict!
  5. God, there are so many things in the world. Let me be all of them at once!
  6. Don't let me be a fish thrown on the sand, burning in the sun of Time.
  7. God, are you a craftsman or an artist? If you are a craftsman, I am your object. If you are an artist, I am, like all works of art, independent of my creator.
  8. If there is such a place as infinity then there is such an entity as God.
  9. Looking for God without God.
  10. God: "invisible man", the world is his mask.
  11. Descent - toward the heavens!
  12. I drank a wine -- blood of the universe. To drink it and to pray is the same thing.
  13. If you have the devil against you, it doesn't necessarily mean that you have God for you.
  14. For me, meditation is physical; my skin becomes a bridge to the universe.
  15. Personal prayer: writing a diary in the air.

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