1. Everyone knows how to exult in victory. How many know how to coexist with defeat?

    In the first person

  2. How to come to agreement with myself? Me and me, we ignore each other.
  3. When I walk on the street counting my steps, magic keeps silent and reality stalks me.
  4. I am sitting in an empty theatre.
  5. From nonexistence I entered existence and what did I find? Bad weather.
  6. I am walking toward the crossroad and each fragment of my road is already crucified.
  7. This night I stopped time and time stopped me. It nailed me so that the present moment became my cross.
  8. I observe my own brain and I steal its ideas which I set out on paper. My brain doesn't collaborate. It goes its own way.
  9. A black hole in my brain imprisons my thoughts.
  10. I am like a ghost -- desperately trying to exist.
  11. I knew many existences, but only by half.
  12. Loaded with the weight of time, I display my emptiness. Nobody notices.


  13. Wherever you go, you remain a prisoner of yourself.
  14. Defeat: when all you can aspire to is a more comfortable position on the cross.
  15. What is worse -- not to know or to know and to be unable to do anything?
  16. From the bottomless dungeon, nothing rises but pride -- in ultimate defiance.
  17. If we have to accept a lie in order to cope with unacceptable reality, we must choose that which most fits our personality. In this way we remain ourselves until the last moment. Chances are that what is not true today may become true tomorrow; with this gesture we are moral victors because we march in the parade that extends past our lifetime.
  18. The desire to create is as precious as creativity, just as the desire to live is as precious as immortality. Defeated, I remain the moral victor, having directed my defiant gaze toward the heights.
  19. "Zombie-ism": when life and death are avoiding you.
  20. The agony called boredom is so slow that you forget that it is agony.
  21. Boredom: It is easier for time to kill you than for you to kill time.
  22. Titanic fight with time -- it's no dishonour to lose against such an adversary.
  23. Existence for many is like a losing business: first heavily mortgaged then dispossessed.
  24. If nothing happens in the next five weeks, then chances are that nothing will happen within the next five years.
  25. What do we learn from suffering? That it serves for nothing.
  26. When the soldier accepts being captured he changes into a philosopher.
  27. The victorious know exultation, and the defeated, repose.
  28. "I am going home" somebody said, and sank into himself.

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