1. Death is the end of hell, the end of waiting.
  2. We face defeat and death in the same way: with silence.
  3. The best comment about death is silence. The best thought about death is a thought about something else.
  4. Perhaps death exists so that the world may experience through my eyes how to enter into oblivion.
  5. Passage -- a Dream
    You are heading toward your end. Like a chameleon, with one eye you look up where there is nothing to see and with the other you look down where there is nothing to see. You pass through the shop where there is nothing to buy. The salesgirl behind the counter stares into the distance with dreamy eyes in the vain hope that she'll see somebody worth seeing. You pass through a junkyard. You fill your arms with things you don't need and you head toward the door separating life from death. Nobody helps you to open the door but it makes no difference because a busy stream of people comes through in the opposite direction, from death to life. They pass without seeing you. You make a decision and you take a step into the cold lightless endless night.
  6. Is there life after death? Is there light after your battery is worn out?
  7. I am in my private spaceship heading toward my private death. and it took me a lifetime to realise that I have to build my eagle nest by myself. But it's late and so the nest becomes a coffin.
  8. Like the half-blind can concentrate only on what remains of vision, so the dying one can concentrate only on what remains in him of life.
  9. Why is death the peak of injustice? Because it doesn't differentiate between the coward and the courageous, between despicable and noble, young and old, once alive and never living.
  10. We are like soap in water waiting to be dissolved.
  11. You cannot avoid death as you avoided life.
  12. I am in the vehicle -- my body -- which will take me to my destiny -- the country of all those dead things that surround us.
  13. There is no life after death. All the sorrow is for us, the survivors.
  14. If we want to believe our reasoning mind, death can be nothing more than oblivion. An interrupted dream, an extinguished candle, a burst bubble -- such is the passage from life to death.
  15. Solitude of non-existence ...
  16. Death means joining the universal chaos.
  17. Time and death: names for a bottomless pit.
  18. From your own death you will learn nothing.
  19. Death has time.
  20. Death is the inevitable end of all; how can we prepare for it other than by lying?
  21. Death: the invisible owner comes to claim what was lent to you.
  22. Death: when the body gets tired of you and leaves.
  23. There is no other preparation for death than living until the last moment. Don't look at death when death looks at you.
  24. If we have to die, it means that we have never belonged to ourselves.
  25. No resurrection
    No metamorphoses
    Snakes for birds
    And stench for roses

  26. Death: dissolution in the all-embracing fog.
  27. Nature is nihilistic.
  28. To die is to join the sea of ignorance.
  29. Death: somebody's dream about me was interrupted.
  30. How does death dare to treat us like this?
  31. Why don't we say to death: "You didn't give us life, why should we give it to you?"
  32. Suicide: brutal induction of sleep without dreams.
  33. You live only in me and thus you kill me.
  34. Death is when you stop belonging to yourself and become part of the universal trash.
  35. Death is an insult.
  36. To die: yielding to death as to a master -- supreme humiliation.
  37. After death, every life can be summed up in the following way: it was -- it isn't -- it never was.
  38. "Don't think of me . . . you cannot bring me back to life so don't reduce me to a memory."
    To annihilate by forgetting means to give truth its due.
    I remember not you; I remember my memory. My memory exists and you do not.
    I kiss not your ashes. I kiss my kiss.
    Sorrow is self indulgence.

  39. Sickness: the road to death in all its ugliness.
  40. The smoke called 'me' will disperse.
  41. Why should people be remembered more than reflections in the mirror?
  42. We pass. What does not pass is what cannot die because it is already dead.
  43. If life has many requirements, death has only two requirements:
    1. don't move
    2. rot

  44. Death's existence eliminates the reason to search for meaning in life.
  45. Life: short story.
    Death: eternal non-story.

  46. Dying is regression to the animal condition. Humans and animals have different lives -- but much the same death.
  47. Death: eternity on the prowl.
  48. Death is burying the past of the dead one.
  49. When the heart and soul are silent -- must the vessel be filled with dirt?
  50. Who is dead is dead. All the rest, from (factual) putrefaction to (hypothetical) soul's transmutation, is chemistry.
  51. We pass -- only the empty space that we leave behind us belongs to eternity.
  52. Each courage is the courage to die.
  53. He lost his capacity to dream and became stone. He prepared himself for this state during his lifetime, adopting the smile of death -- Buddha's smile.
  54. For the blind person, death comes in darkness.
    For the deaf one, death comes in silence.
    For the prisoner, the paralytic, the madman, death enters the cage.

  55. "Another world?" -- too many people confound death with tourism.
  56. Would death be more acceptable if it announced itself with a drum-roll?
  57. Dying: intersection of existence and non-existence. How important are the last moments on earth?
  58. In this empty universe let my thought be with your shadow.

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