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  1. Every fighter knows that each step is the first step; 'second first step', 'third first step' ... ad continuum.

  2. Time & space -- mostly physical because we are always within it. Gravity -- mostly morale because it pulls us down. Moments of liberation may come through short leaps out toward change.

  3. Not to be struck with the club of time
  4. Recipe for living: optimism where possible, pride where nothing else remains.
  5. You inhabit your head and you decide if you're master or slave.
  6. It's not what you do but how you experience what you do, not how you live but how you react to what you live.

    Compendium to the way of the Samurai (Vagabond issue #58)

  7. Thought without action is like a ship without a rudder.
  8. Philosophy of efficiency: everything is better that is done right away. The best is on the spot.
  9. Be concentrated. Don't waste your brain on unnecessary knowledge. Aristotle said the philosopher is interested in only a few things. Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes says: "I don't care if the Earth turns around the Sun or the Moon."
  10. Close your eyes to anything negative that clings to you. Take your own side.
  11. What is hard to achieve is always more important that what you already possess. When you fight for survival, your life is the most important. When you secure your existence, your beliefs become the most important. You don't live for your life; you live your life. The next goal is always the yet unachieved goal. The yogi has a physically passive goal -- perfection. The samurai has a physically active goal -- the perfection of himself in the service of his master.


  12. When you are at a standstill you're in Nietzsche's abyss, a recipient of time and space submerged in gravity.
  13. It's not the military's job to sign defeat; those who come later will do it.


  14. Conditions immune to time's grasp: perpetuum mobile of desire and constancy of love or fear.


  15. Visual impression: cerebral digestion -- and I strive for a glance.
  16. 'Foggy' perception:' when opposites show up simultaneously.


  17. Only God sums up; we live in the present.


  18. Better to "find" than to "invent." Head! Leave the world to the body and its senses.


  19. There are magical events but no magical significance.


  20. Listen to me, street. -- wherever I pass each moment is a moment between me and my life. Then respect, respect is due to me, because this drama is a drama of my life even when nothing happens.

  21. Totality = summing up of opposites.

    Old Age
  22. Old age: life imprisonment.

    Inverted Monk
  23. There are two possibilities: either I care about something and my head becomes a recipient of what comes from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, or, shielded, I carry a load of nothingness "in prisoner's exile." Then I try to enter into a special condition which perhaps doesn't exist, but which I force into existence. Lets name it 'the state of invulnerability', the ultimate courage, in which I play the game of life with fate's own cards. It's the state of prisoner and stalking hunter; identical for both of them but the first one has nothing to expect. And so I grasp my own existence; if nothing else I carry myself like the universe carries me, but the universe doesn't feel it, better for it, anyway easier. Once I had the illusion that there was something to look for, if only one looked in the right direction.
    The worst happens when the body participates in this parade, because usually it's to say 'good bye.'


  24. The clouds of my dreams don't dissipate on awakening but remain suspended on the canvas of reality.
  25. You have family. You have friends. You have a mind. But remember -- nobody cares about you as much as your body.
  26. If you do something to yourself, it will not go beyond yourself.
    If you do something to somebody else it will not go beyond somebody else.
    If you do something to the planets and the galaxies, it will not go beyond the planets and the galaxies.
    Even God can do nothing to Space and Time.
  27. Yacht --a return through the liquid element to the amniotic condition of being reborn; liberation from gravity, from planetary attachment -- one remains suspended.
  28. Life, freedom, time, space -- are those condition or content?
    We live, we act. What sustains life is condition. What makes us act is content. What we take for granted is background. Example: freedom is our condition and background if we are free and don't think about it. Freedom becomes content for a prisoner who fights for it.
  29. There is no soul as beautiful as a beautiful body.
    Whatever is not sensorial is concept, meaning not perceived only judged.
  30. Internet: intercourse among shadows.

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