Aphorisms presented in this Compendium were not yet written or not found in time to be included in New Extracts. WM


  1. Why should I be prisoner of my freedom? Prisoner of the carcass, prisoner of space, prisoner of the past -- "and for the rest let God have me at His mercy" (Jules Laforgue).


  2. Time is what runs through your veins while you wait. For the brain, your tension pulsates not your blood.
  3. No matter how I contort in space I can't free myself from the embrace of Time.
  4. If mouvement is the sum of immobilities, time is the sum of eternities.
  5. Time and matter: canvas with painted things on it.


  6. Just as only a small part of matter is visible in the cosmos, in the cosmos of our life only a small part is subject to our action and judgement; the rest only "hangs around."


  7. Simultaneous forces rule everything from the planets to ourselves. Any motion which changes its former direction shows that the initial force is no longer in absolute control. Complexity must always be measured in terms of distance from the initial impulse. Practically all ball games are based on simultaneous forces. This principle can be applied to the psychological field as well: when we cannot decide between two contradictory choices, we choose the third 'diagonal' or 'ellipsoid' solution. Sometimes the problem cannot be reduced to two opposite choices, as when multiple problems with multiple possible choices confront us simultaneously. The final decision will always be a product of the strongest impulse ("Sophie's Choice"). So, what we call 'freedom of choice,' 'consciousness,' may really be predetermined by a net of infinite simultaneous forces, too numerous and, in general, too subtle to be perceived and to make us realise that we're only pushed and pulled by the pool that rules the rest of the universe.


  8. I'm my own plow, my rutted trail follows me. I'm my own solitary horse attached to the plow. The unresolved question remains: what to do when the plow stops?
    I'm also the bird nourishing itself from what the trail lays bare, and if I don't find another horse I can find other birds around the trail. Isn't that what life is about?
    Tnverted monk
  9. What's the common denominator between me and me? It's supposed to be me -- but I failed.
  10. Hard to steer my ship
    clumsy ballast on it

    No destination, no sights
    just eternal night

    And, like a breeze, strolls a whisper over the empty sea:
    "You are the captain, and so it must be."
    Relations brain-body
  11. Your brain, tortured or not, is servant of your body, not vice versa. Once this is clear, everything falls into perspective.
    Tortured brain: learn how to look for inspiration in the body -- better to endure torture of the brain than of the body.
    Remember, brain, that the body created you to serve it whether you like it or not. You must serve, if not through pleasure, then through suffering, if not through inspiration then through 'f---in' discipline.
    The brain wants things, the body doesn't want things. The body wants to live.
    The brain "forgets" everything and fast, the body, nothing.
    The brain understands, the body doesn't understand. The body only wants. The brain will never know why the body wants something, the body will never learn what the brain knows and how it obtains what the body wants.
    Brain: regulator of the body's functions, sometimes in a direct way.
    The body must have what it wants, the brain has no 'musts', the brain has whims which can be dismissed because its main role is to serve the body. The body is exigent because it dies and pulls the brain along with it. The brain which refuses to listen to the body dreams that it can outlive the body.
    As the brain has to obey a thoughtless master it has to protect itself with a soulless armour of patience and discipline. There are hard moments for the brain when the body doesn't communicate clearly what it wants and the brain, like a valet or chauffer on call, has to wait passively.


  12. I don't have soulmates other than pen and paper because they talk back to me. In painting, I must decipher what comes, while the written page speaks to me directly.
  13. Grains seeded in you count less than the ground you are made of.
  14. As if the universe were not crowded enough we've added two superpowers: God and Devil.
  15. Alexander the Great said to Diogenes: "if I were not Alexander, I'd like to be Diogenes." Why do the masters of matter crave spirit while the spirit craves matter?
  16. Like each spirit, I yearn for matter.
  17. Action is linked to matter.
  18. I try to do something then I realise that it does itself. So, I'm not a stroller I'm the pathway itself. I don't do, just let it happen because each time I believe that I've understood something, I realise that the essential escapes my understanding. I perceive only a parcel of a totality which remains unreachable.
  19. We will never arrive where we are not already... Seeking by reasoning is like walking blindfolded because we're misled by the pseudological conclusion that going away from what bothers us is linear progress. In reality, we turn in a circle; we just exchange one thing we dont like for another that we don't like.
  20. While pessimism can paralyse, optimism can blind.
  21. Sensitivity feeds on itself; it's an obsession, a 'chant' that turns in circles.
  22. The universe is composed of reality and metaphors, the latter coming from the ghost country of the brain.

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