Aphorisms presented in this Compendium were not yet written or not found in time to be included in New Extracts.


  1. Fight the enemy with its own arms; confuse the confusion.
  2. Evolution: suffering that didn't kill.
  3. Can the road be a guide? The road is you and motivation is the guide.


  4. Objectively speaking, the only thing that doesn't abandon you is time. According to our abilities, it may be too much or not enough. The most important ability of all is the management of time.


  5. The creator entertains by uniting contradictory ingredients which simultaneously unify and diverge, like the same tune performed on different instruments (or vice versa). Enough uniformity to create presence, enough variety to create movement.
  6. There are rules of composition and there are compositions that escape all rules, based on intuition.
  7. Music is the only expansion that leads us through time. Music makes us enjoy passage of time because time is a river on which floats the melody. Other experiences are timeless; even literature allows us to turn back and forth, independent of time, while sound is unidirectional.
  8. In music time becomes melody, joyful transformation; time runs and we stop, attached and detached simultaneously.
  9. When the artist or writer feels blocked before an unfinished work, his efforts usually make things go worse. At the most unexpected moment he may be liberated in glimpsing an illumination, not of what is but of what should be. Where does this gift come from? The only answer is: effort and critical judgement are more linked to craftsmanship or mass production than to creativity. The senses and the brain, which, like muscles are tools of effort, tire quickly and using them in a creative process would be equivalent to cutting with a dull knife. In the creative process perception has to be sharp and instantaneous as a camara click, and the brain 'catches' and enjoys this instantaneity -- the road to enlightenment. The senses and the brain are the natural receptor of universal harmony, on their own terms. Inspiration carries you like a magic carpet, you don't stomp upon it.

    Why are we the way we are? Everything in the universe is of a common fabric, only we are in a niche apart. We are the mirror in which the universe reflects itself. Maybe the Final Theory will reveal the mystery of the self-fulfilling universe.
  10. When is work perceived as 'good?' Simply when each detail is accepted by its immediate neighbour, the neighbour is accepted by its neighbour forming a chain which we perceive as a total symphony. All this occurs simultaneously which distinguishes a musical symphony from its visual equivalent.
  11. The gist of the writer's or artist's life: talking to himself.


  12. Dreams, handwriting, express our style; they are creativity at the unconscious level, 'automatic depth' without inspiration -- where does it come from?
  13. Consciousness and motivation generate each other. The more the execution is blocked, the more acute becomes the consciousness. Resistence sharpens consciousness. Consciousness is a late fruit of rising difficulty.
  14. Free will: the attempt to escape the play between gravity and wind. We can express our free will in the framework of our beliefs, because objective reality is less accessible. To be aware of the train's movement one has to be outside the train and we are never outside of ourselves.
  15. Our life evolves in conditions of four alchemical elements: earth, fire, water, air. The elements of life which don't obey the laws of gravity, temperature, atmosphere and solubility belong to other, more elusive domains like intuition or inspiration. Emotions and sensations are in between, like the photon which is considered simultaneously energy and matter. There is no such thing as obvious genesis because the effect is always different from its start; 'pre-thoughts' must be totally different from thoughts, motivations different from 'pre-motivations.' It's always a quantum leap on which our deductive capacity stumbles.


  16. Synthesis is not the summing up of analysis. Success, instinct, inspiration and other elusive particles of life are not a sum of their ingredients, but, using quanta's term, megaparticles.


  17. 'Justice' exists in a dead world where everything falls automatically into place. 'Justice' is momentum.

    Inverted monk:
  18. Growing mushrooms of wisdom in the cave of solitude.

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