Aphorisms presented in this Compendium were not yet written or not found in time to be included in New Extracts.


Some of the lost aphorisms have been recovered (see last month's 'Compendium'). Nikolette told me she had made backups. The computer is like an enchanted forest; this time it's Grethel who marked the trail. WM


  1. In the depths, don't be a fish on the hook of some erratic fisherman. On the heights, don't carry weight while climbing.
  2. We are not here to create nor resolve problems; we are here to be.


  3. Life is a micro-island towered over by a mountain of revolt or hollowed by a crevice of despair.
  4. Starting life from the end.


  5. Time and space serve as measures for our action; as anything else they become poison.
  6. The cage that holds time and space together is pitiless.


  7. The mirror is not afraid of your ugliness; the world is not afraid of your bad luck.


  8. Human intelligence may be equally confusing and enlightening. Only humans confuse various domains, while nature is linear, keeping everything in its place. For instance no matter what abominable crime may may take place on a ship, the ship, as if nothing happened, must continue performing the tasks of a ship. The human on the way to his joy or his doom forgets that the best he can do is to remain himself.


  9. Analysis is more important than meaning, the process is more important than its outcome. The legend of 'truth that blinds' illustrates the malediction of digging too much into meaning. A machine not directed toward anything in particular, functioning by its own rules, creating its own chains of causes/effects without an overall causality -- that's the Universe.
  10. Causes/effects in your life are a linear pathway which makes you forget that you are part of a cycle.


  11. I looked for body in spirit and for spirit in body and I lost them both -- or did I?
  12. To enter my enchanted forest I have to plant the trees first.
  13. I have never known where my freedom resided; maybe I will find it well hidden in my cage, or perhaps in the most remote corner of other people's prison?
  14. First I believed in importance. Then I discovered the non-importance of importance. Next I discovered the value of non-importance.


  15. Within our limited possibilities we create further limits, calling them 'decisions.'
  16. Suffering pleads badly for itself.
  17. You are the joining of sperm and egg with universal pretentions.
  18. We're the moving conscience of the universe.

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