Aphorisms presented in this Compendium were not yet written or not found in time to be included in New Extracts. WM


  1. Fishing pole -- instrument to catch fish. Life -- instrument to catch happiness. My head -- big lake in which swims only one fish. I took my fishing pole on the wrong trip.
  2. The way Youth consumes life: Electrical -- Ethereal -- consuming life by living it. The youth doesn't have a past to forget, and has the present/future bound together. The older accepts acceptance by jumping over the past and remembering the future, or goes to sleep and also forgets the future.


  3. Time -- the train that runs whether or not you get on.
  4. The past -- harbour of memories that don't want to die. The rest is a cemetery full of dust.


  5. As in a drop of water through a microscope, somebody notices a microbe, perhaps to the unemployed mind something unexpected will occur to draw your attention. So, live, remark and keep!


  6. A drop of water becomes a cosmos when you are reflected in it.
  7. Monstrous boredom assaults the defenseless human and kills him by means of murderous time
  8. Accepting acceptance is to grasp what still exists; for the dying it may be the last breath, for the suffering -- imaginary vision. Then accepting acceptance may mean accepting madness over sanity.


  9. My brain -- structure occasionally visited by a ghost that winds it up.
  10. I am floating in a total vacuum. I create my landscapes with my own insights like comet which soars over the void, marking the trail with sparks.
  11. I'm a lonely passenger in the space/time missile that leads me toward death. My existence is mostly vegetative, consuming the little that space/time has to offer. My revolt is my only stimulation. Courage is my only defence.
  12. Pessimism: I'm not tired of the world. I'm not tired of me. I'm tired of me in the world.
  13. I am a hunter in pursuit of my own thoughts and feelings. I am always like a spider, stalking thought like prey. In other situations I must accept boredom like a planet's rotation, orbiting without goal.

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