Aphorisms presented in this Compendium were not yet written or not found in time to be included in New Extracts. WM


  1. I am not particularly interested in ideologies because everybody should have the right to love and hate. Nobody should require others to defend them because we live in a Darwinian world. Peace takes place among equals.


  2. You guide yourself towards death with your own leash.


  3. Munch's "Scream on the Bridge" We all stand screaming on the bridge of our nostalgias. We build our monuments and when we die, our monuments are taken over by others: worms, microbes . . .
  4. How to free oneself – and from what? I have seen people panicked, escaping from themselves, from time, to save themselves from something that is within them.
  5. Existence is when words arrange themselves in phrases; forms, colours, sounds ... The rest is a preparation for this or it may be warrior’s rest.
  6. The young – sits a moment and walks miles. The old one – walks a moment and sits miles.


  7. In aging, creativity decreases because when you bend, your eyes remain at ground level.


  8. Life is a mirror where the senses emit – reflect the outside, and have freedom of choice and interpretation. Death is part of reality which denies access to the mirror. The living one draws on instinct to build castles from non-existence. The death condition does not build –- emptiness cannot create non-emptiness. And what does quanta theory say about this?


  9. Our urges are a whip for our consciousness. Free of urges, our brain, which should be the constant source of consciousness, can be mostly silent like a car in the parking lot.


  10. The Universe is composed of containers. Spirit doesn't have its own container; thus it cannot exist. Essence doesn't exist -– the combination of containers makes essence.


  11. Macabre joke:
    First maggot: I want to change my corpse.
    The second: Why?
    First maggot: He irritates me with his constant complaints – “When will I finally have some luck in life?”

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