Aphorisms presented in this Compendium were not yet written or not found in time to be included in New Extracts. WM


  1. I don’t remember the name of the lady, a psychoanalyst who said (basing her words on the Bible) that the most important word for human development was not ‘I’ but ‘Thou.’ We define ourselves in relation to others. When solitary we are unknown not only to others but to ourselves as well.
  2. I strolled along a busy urban avenue, I don’t remember in which city. There was a lot of traffic, noise and pollution. In one spot a wooden fence covered the view to passersby. When you approached the fence and looked over, another universe appeared, as if Mother Nature had been there since the beginning. There were grass, flowers, bushes, trees, fragrances, insects … something totally opposite the world on the other side of the fence. How do opposites affect us? Could we become opposite each time we drop into the opposite? How do we feel and what do we feel? Who are we really? Are we the mirror reflecting exterior reality or are we ourselves in all circumstances?

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