Aphorisms presented in this Compendium were not yet written or not found in time to be included in New Extracts. WM


  1. Don't run after the enchanted bird that flew away from your shoulder.
  2. If you've lost the ball remember that the field remains.
  3. Within Time the boat advances by itself, but in Space you are the leader. You steer your boat with your brain and your heart chooses the shores.
  4. Would the genie refuse to be freed from the bottle -- because it's too late?
    Would Job refuse divine grace because it's too late?
    The answer is an unbearable 'no.' It's still better than an unbearable 'yes.'
    How easy to do and how ugly to say...
  5. Suffering will not bring a reward; falling into the abyss will not make you grow wings.


  6. We're lonely heroes traversing the desert of life toward abyss of death.
  7. Bedfellows
    Lying in bed
    with death


  8. The artist has not to 'do' but to 'recognize.'
  9. It's not the tree I paint but the movement of my hand.


  10. Death is 'only' non-existence. God is Indifference.


  11. Discipline in real life means to accept navigating life on the surface. Only dreams allow 'depth.'


  12. The wind brings my thoughts and I'm the first touched.
  13. I'm Red Riding Hood wandering with an empty flower basket because I wear beauty under the skin. What makes me keep walking? I don't stop to wait for death because the interior beauty orders me to continue at each moment. Do I illustrate the quantum hypothesis of something coming from nothing?
  14. I am also a whale in a pond. In the singularity condition they become one and will dry up together.
  15. Music: painting on the canvas of Time
  16. Sounds: fragments carved in the negative space of silence.
    Old Age
  17. Aging: when it becomes more important how you feel in your skin than within the universe.
  18. We live not with truth but with truths.


  19. Chuang Chou's Butterfly:
    -- Butterfly, butterfly, what did you dream?
    -- That fragrance is a melody, and stench is a scream.
  20. The legs are too short, the abyss too big. God, give me wings!
  21. Planting flowers on the tomb of hopes ...
  22. Thus speaks the stone:
    I'm the stone. Nearby me passed the stars.
  23. Earth is a galaxy with many microcosms; ourselves.

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