Aphorisms presented in this Compendium were not yet written or not found in time to be included in New Extracts. WM


  1. Even if you turn your head you will not change the redoubt.


  2. At each second if I do nothing I add to death's condition.


  3. Youth -- joy of life that comes from inside and tears the universal fog. The world offers cold repellant stone. If it weren't for adversity life would have no structure. Youth ignores both adversity and structure. Youth gets drunk on itself and on air. Life converts difficulties into values and vice versa.
  4. To the young:
    To the old:
    Whether you want to or not, play the game of life.


  5. If you are in the mood for nothing you plunge into time. Plunging in time is to submit to time = acceptance. This equals hades. You have no other hope beside this one: that a wave tosses you out.


  6. In spring I am young, in summer I age, in autumn I am old, in winter I am dead.
  7. I am either sick or deadly bored. Why? Because I am born on a planet, on a world, that doesn't need me but I need it. So I stubbornly hold on.
  8. You are in a crowd in which each one goes his own way; are you going to YOUR future or to OUR future?
  9. What serves sleep? To awake in familiar circumstances.
  10. What is important is how you feel. For the rest, let karma worry.


  11. "When you become a scholar you can philosophize. All you can do right now is to count worm legs." -- words of a professor to his student. When you worry you increase the void; and what remains? Energy to count worms' legs.
  12. In evolution there is no progress but adaptation.
  13. If you die to the world and the world dies to you, as long as you live for yourself you will survive.
  14. Prison -- when steps encounter a barrier; whether bars or heart.
  15. Digestion -- renewal from within. Reproduction -- renewal from outside. Evolution: change. Living organism: repetition through reproduction.
  16. Remember that wherever you go, you enter and you carry your own kingdom. Your psychic and organic worlds are two kingdoms which can enter into diplomatic relations or not.
  17. The frightening threshold of reality separates me from my dreams.
  18. If you are in the mood for nothing,immerse yourself in time. You have no other hope but that the tide will toss you out. Remember that water, void, air, don't care what you are doing there. Don't invent a supreme goal if you don't have one.

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