Aphorisms presented in this Compendium were not yet written or not found in time to be included in New Extracts. WM


  1. Lying on the garbage stratum of aging, misery, a defiant man defiantly raises his head. Who is this man? A mirage. Because only a mirage can defy reality.


  2. Life -- more a matter of alertness than achievement. Each non-physical contact is indirect. Anything that doesn't fit three dimensions is a metaphor.


  3. Time is not a recipient; the past leaks away, and the future slides.


  4. The creator doesn't invent, only goes home.


  5. The difference between emotion and instinct is a difference in levels; emotion is nearer to intellect and instinct is nearer sensation, the bodily domain.


  6. Listening to the silence, I weigh the air and measure the void, exposed to the aggression of myself.
  7. If I had a full life at my disposal I would grow in the third dimension -- depth. I'm like a photo in a too small album.
  8. I escape the non-essential and the essential escapes me


  9. Cyprian Norwid wrote in his poem "Death of the Hero:" "Why do you, shadow, depart, crossing hands upon armour" After death, human becomes shadow thrown temporarily upon human memory.
  10. To the metabolician: don't look back -- nothing interesting. Don't look forward -- no change. Stay in one place and dedicate yourself to metabolism.
  11. Give the real world its due; it's as important as your imaginary one.

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