Aphorisms presented in this Compendium were not yet written or not found in time to be included in New Extracts. WM


  1. Catch the void by its transparency if you want to see where, in concrete form, glides the devil.


  2. Darwinian universe: seldom punished for your faults, seldom rewarded for your merits, always punished for your weakness.
  3. The Little Mermaid danced for the prince, with indescribable suffering. Should we force ourselves? Who wants to be Andersen’s mermaid?
  4. We have basically two goals: 1. goal 2. goal of the goal.


  5. Sometimes, you do things to manifest the fact of being alive in another way than by physiology.


  6. After the death of the creator, the masterpieces begin their immortal act.


  7. Faith will never be a matter of objectivity, because subjectivity predominates; the child asks God for a doll with the same intensity as the adult who pleads for life.


  8. People lose time and life looking for the sense of life. Life is the container not the content.
  9. Probably, self awareness is a balance between “me” and “you”.


  10. Everything comes from outside, even the "soul."
  11. Logic is quantity because it relates to mathematics which is quantitative. The ultimate theory predicts that everything can be explained quantitatively. Still, quality escapes formula, because, if by some inexplicable quanta leap we dare trespass our particular strata we may find ourselves with some opposite "right-wrong."


  12. I cross the rocks and thorns to arrive at the empty plain where I can quietly build imaginary castles.
  13. Years ago I was looking for the "missing card" in my internal core, and when I realised that it didn't exist, everything became so much simpler.
  14. Two Conceptions of My Second "I"
    My second, transparent, ‘I’ sits near me. Together we hold the steering wheel, we clasp hands and I don’t feel so alone.
    I sat down and whom did I find with me? Myself! -- Can't you f... off for a while? I asked myself. -- With you it isn't always fun either! answered myself.
  15. Insomnia/lethargy: when the spirit and body don’t like each other.
  16. Game: Enter eternity through the set of rules because the rules will stay as long as the game lasts. The busy player engaged in the game (meaning being ‘inside’) has no time to ponder the ‘outside’ philosophy of the game.


  17. Like a cohesive book emerges from individual chapters, from individual contracts with life, collective destiny emerges.
  18. From birth, for better or worse, you contracted a marriage with yourself. You can’t escape from the company of yourself except in the short interruptions of dreams or the eternity of death.
  19. My conceptions of paradise: 1. Macro-paradise: a place with many roads leading nowhere, outburst of total freedom. 2. Micro-paradise: intimity, the mystique of a naturally comfortable nest.

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