Aphorisms presented in this Compendium were not yet written or not found in time to be included in New Extracts. WM


  1. You can fill the world with yourself only when you are in love (= “monstrous subjectivity”). Otherwise it’s better for you to be integrated into a world bigger than yourself. If you want to control the world, you will live in the world of your own dimension. (prison of yourself). Nothing new will occur.


  2. Once when I was young, meaning eternal, I took the present for granted. In the meantime, the future arrived.
  3. Quantum leap = no time, as everything happens instantaneously. Meditation = time suspended. Action = struggle with time. Reflection = following the stream of time.


  4. Ganesh
    Why is Ganesh important -- at least for me?
    He has a human body with an elephant head which may be a symbol of duality. We are never totally here or totally there and Ganesh puts it on the divine level. Would it make a difference if Ganesh had an elephant body and a human head? A very great one because contrary to general thought, the body represents essence more than the head. The head is the focus point of all that comes and goes, a sort of union station, so it becomes the focus of the body. Contrary to popular belief the head doesn’t have the powerful personality of the body. David Cronenberg caught this in his film “The Fly.” The monster with human body and fly head kept human intelligence combined with the instinct of a beast while the head trapped in the insect body remained a pathetic defenceless insect. So, the symbol of Ganesh, human with animal head, was the right choice, combining right power in the right place.


  5. Boredom: Void dusted with thoughts.
  6. Visiting a flea market, I grasped the mystery of its charm: poetic chaos united by passion and random beauty.

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